Pushing through My limitations

These limitations are proving to be quite the challenge to push through for me. The advantage I have now though is that I am aware of them and I see them when they appear. I know that I HAVE to be accountable for my goal setting because I have this limitation of back tracking. My book for example, I have been writing and re writing, and then not writing anymore, then wanting to write, then writing again and changing the angle etc. Anything to not have to face myself and my limitations. Making excuses every time to not finish it. I’m like a kid before bedtime with this book, I need the bathroom, I need some water, I need a bedtime story… One would swear I’m being forced to do this and not that it is something that I really want to do. I think it comes down to a fear of rejection. Nobody wants to be rejected, but if I am going to succeed I have to learn to face rejection and treat it as a lesson and not a sentence.

What’s scary for me is that I see the limitations, I have even named them and pointed them out. They are ridiculous, and I know that. Setting an allocated time to achieve my goals is the only way for me to push through this. I just have to start again and get that momentum flowing. Look how easy it is for me to write on this platform, when it once was a limitation for me, a fear that I broke through and now this is home for me. The same with my Podcast! So why is this book such an issue? Some soul searching is in order because its time for this writer to get her writing on and get that book out. Its time for me to make decisions and stick to them.

The question I ask myself is: “Can I write this book?” The answer is always yes I definitely can. The question that bothers me is: “Will you like what I have to say?”, and therein lies my limitation. I’m taking the power away from what I am able to do and putting it into the hands of the unknown variable. The one thing I cannot control, and that is the readers response. For all I know the book could be a hit, but putting it out into the world means I am letting go of any form of control. I have to learn to let go of this limitation that keeps me here where I no longer want to be and just let go of the need to control every single thing that happens around me.

Why am I writing about this? Because I know I’m not alone. Because I know that there are people out there that have dreams but are afraid to pursue them all because they worry what the response from the world will be. Because the fear inside us holds us back from what we are truly capable of. But we HAVE to remember that WE are BLESSED with our GIFTS, and it would be a waste not to share them with the world simply because we fear the response? We have to use what we have and pursue the vision we have for ourselves and if the world rejects us then we try again and again and we keep pushing until it works. It doesn’t matter how many NO’s we receive, we just need that 1 yes to make it happen. Just 1. So I’m going to stop procrastinating with my book and I’m going to get my sh!t together and write this book that I’ve been promising myself for so many years.

I realize that its not about the response from the world, its about the reason I’m writing it and the message that I want to get out. I have to do this not only for myself, but for my daughter and for every person that needs to read or hear what I have to say.

Don’t let your fears limit you from being your true self, from reaching your full potential. I am working through these limitations one at a time, and so should you. What is that 1 thing that you have been wanting to do, but you are just too scared of the reaction, or the rejection. I’m going to do this for me, for my personal growth and I’m also going to do it for you. So that you too can see that its not impossible, it just seems impossible for now, but when its done, we will smile together at our accomplishments and we will have grown in ourselves and we will be able to push harder, move past these limitations easier and just get on with living our lives as we wish to.

It’s time to start. Not only for me, but for you too. This is my accountability post. I am holding myself to this and making myself accountable to you by declaring it openly. I hope you do the same for yourself, and do whatever that thing is that you have been meaning to do, or wanting to do, or hoping to do, but something keeps holding you back. Don’t let that thing hold you back anymore. As these motivational people keep saying… its time to JUMP. Your time is now, my time is now. Lets do this.

Love and light




  1. You are right! I love your approach! A great show. Best regards with your new book and to all who have stumbling and reader’s blocks. V CB here’s!

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