Clean it out!

Don’t hold onto moments from painful experiences. Let your past go! Forgive yourself and others.


Let go completely, don’t hang onto the memories of pain and free yourself from it all. Don’t marry your past, start with a clean slate! New beginnings, new life! Jump into your future by embracing who you are with all your mistakes. Believe that you deserve more, believe that you are more. Take the chances! Walk into the door that opens for you. Listen to your guide and do the right thing always.

People are going to try to hold you back, but don’t let them. They cannot see through your eyes and they cannot live your life for you. You mustn’t allow the words and baggage of others to drag you down. It’s important to move forward in your own path no matter what the world throws at you. They will try to keep you where you are because they do not understand your path and they do not know better. Unfortunately in order to move forward you have to let go of some people too. Cleaning out your past won’t be the easiest thing to do, but the rewards of letting go are indescribable!

Be your best, let go of your past, live your life according to your truth. Set yourself free!


Written by: Tammy Murphy