What a girl wants!


What a girl wants vs what she thinks she wants.
All my life I thought I wanted everything that looks good on the outside. Pretty cars clothes and of course good looking guy. I mean which girl doesn’t want these things. It took superficial things to make me happy… or so I thought. I mean I never really did have the fancy car but I made up there with always looking good and making sure whoever is on my arm fit the profile somehow. I wanted everyone to approve always and even though I never did say it out loud I felt it when they didn’t. I mean life is all about making everyone else happy right? Wrong!! It took me a lifetime to finally realize that what I thought I wanted wasn’t what I really wanted at all. And in pretending and pleasing the world instead of myself I denied myself what everyone truly wants on the inside. I denied myself peace of mind, love and family. After all these years what this girl really wanted was to feel like she belonged somewhere and to know she can trust the people she is surrounded by with lifting her up instead of putting her down. What this girl really wants is a safe home for her family. Love in her home and people she can truly call friend. It turns out that in the end, none of that superficial stuff really mattered because it doesn’t last forever. But love does along with peace of mind and true happiness from within.

Try not to look for superficial things in living your life, instead look for those things that don’t come with a price tag because everybody knows that the best things in life are free!

Written by: Tammy Murphy


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