Testing the waters

Procrastination has been the thief of my time for far too long. I have been planning, hoping and praying but never having the courage to do anything about the visuals I have in my head.

To tell you a little about myself an why I started this blog. I want to find a neutral platform where I am able to express myself, my thoughts, my life, my travels, my pain and at the same time help anyone else who may be going through the same trials and challenges as myself.

So this little girl with her heart and soul ripped from her has had to endure life with no help in finding a way back to wholeness. Filled with anger , confusion , hatred for life and herself, zero confidence and no will to try; clinging to any form of life and love that she could find; has finally found her peace in the craziness of her world. It may have taken 3 decades but its never too late to finally put the pieces of your pain together and be filled with nothing but peace.

Obviously I am referring to myself here. What a long tiring painful journey of life I’ve lived and this blog is one of the beginnings to my new beginnings. I’m testing the waters of all that life has to offer. and who knows if I’m a true blogger or not… only time will tell. but I’m here, its begun… lets do this!


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