My 43rd trip around the sun

Yesterday I celebrated a birthday. It was the completion of my 43rd trip around the sun and the beginning of my 44th. I don’t know why, but last night I was laying on my bed and thinking, I will be 43 just for today, tomorrow my new journey starts as my 44th trip around the sun begins. My new year, my fresh start, my refresh button has been pushed and I’m ready for it all.

I found myself smiling and appreciating my life. I am truly loved. I felt the influx of it all on one day and I was just happy to be loved by these beautiful humans. My celebrations have certainly changed , and I find myself enjoying good quality time more than a huge party where I’m spread thinly. Sure signs of aging according to the teenagers!

I really took some time to reflect on the last year, and where I have grown or where I need work. I am proud to say that I accomplished plenty as I took my previous trip around the sun. I definitely have changed in many ways, yet I also have so much more to learn and experience. The journey will never stop as long as I breath.

So I wanted to take the time to thank everyone who took the time out of their lives to wish me well, and send me blessings. I appreciate every single message, picture, call, email or comments. I received so many blessings and they continue to flow in. Lets keep pushing forward and make this trip an epic one together! I feel refreshed, my tanks are full and I’m ready to go. I mean why wouldn’t I be excited? I literally riding on a rock that spins, around the sun and I’m probably standing upside down for all I know. Thank God for gravity right? Ha ha ha. Don’t be so serious😘

Love and Light




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