My challenge 2020 edition

Last year I challenged myself to lose 17kgs I started the year weighing 92 kg’s and by the end of May 2019 I was 84.1 Kg’s, just a few grams away from my actual halfway mark. I didnt track my progress after this date but I do know that there was a Croatia trip involvedContinue reading “My challenge 2020 edition”

Challenge accepted -Video

So I finally made this video, because my time is just about up and next week is my deadline for posting a video. This is the link to watch the video: . It took me 6 months to actually post a video. I would like to share with you why I took so longContinue reading “Challenge accepted -Video”

Losing more than just weight

My weight journey has never stopped, I have been off and on with healthy eating since January 2019 and after London it took a while to get back on track. My weight is sitting at 84.1Kgs with a total loss of 7.9 kilograms and just 0.6kg’s away from my halfway mark. Which would be greatContinue reading “Losing more than just weight”

Week 15 – The struggle is real

At 85.5kgs this week, progress is really slow. Easter weekend definately played a part in it with chocolate at my fingertips for days. I’ve become somewhat relaxed now and it seems I am having one of those weeks were I want to curl in a ball in my bed and eat icream and chocolate forever,Continue reading “Week 15 – The struggle is real”

Week 13 – Standing tall

86.3 kg’s. It looks like I’ve gone down just 200 grams in the past 2 weeks. A slight dissapointment, I really expected more… On the positive side I’m still on a weight decline, no matter how slow I go I’m going to focus on the progress. I do admit, I havent been eating properly inContinue reading “Week 13 – Standing tall”

I feel amazing – Week 11

When I weighed myself this morning and the scale said 86.5 Kg’s I was so motivated to keep going, its been a steady decline from 92 Kg’s and now that I’ve added dance to my routine everyday it seems to have a positive impact on my journey. My goal weight of 75 Kg’s is soContinue reading “I feel amazing – Week 11”

Week 10 – 5 kg’s down! 1st Milestone achieved

I don’ t think that I believed I would reach this milestone, but now that I have I am so motivated to reach my 17Kg goal. 5 Kg’ s down and 12 to go. I would say in on my way – in 10 weeks I’ve lost 5 Kg’s with hardly any effort exercise wiseContinue reading “Week 10 – 5 kg’s down! 1st Milestone achieved”