My Logo was a blessing sent to me in the form of art. I tried to scribble a few ideas down and failed hopelessly. I then went to my cousin and asked if he could help with an idea.

He came up with the most amazing concept, putting all my scribbles into one and making the logo truly represent me, who I am and my journey.

I have spent my life writing, about everything and anything. The essence of who I am spilled onto paper in the form of ink through poetry, journaling and just short pieces. I have lived my life in the illusion that I was something that I truly was not. I created a bubble of protection around myself to keep myself from being damaged any further. I was defined by the way I looked and the way I spoke, I was torn between my hopes and dreams and the actual reality I had created for myself. I was never what I truly wanted to be but I always found a way to overcome any obstacle that tried to hold me down. There was nothing I couldn’t solve with my pen and paper, and when that became difficult , there was nothing a new pair of shoes couldn’t fix and if that didn’t work , some love in the form of friendship always pulled me through. I love how complicated the logo is but at the same time so simple. It could be anything it wants to be, it’s perfectly me.

Thank you to Ciaran Prince for taking the time to design this beautiful logo for my page. You are appreciated and I absolutely LOVE it!!!

Tamstame Logo design By: Ciaran Prince

Written By: Tammy – Lynn Murphy

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