There is one thing that is constant in life and that is change. There is one thing thats guarenteed in life and that is death. Neither of them is a bad thing, but they can be if you make it that way. Change can be an amazing time, but because of fear we make it a time full of anxiety and chaos. Death is a natural part of life and the easier we embrace that it is just life running its course in this world, the better off we will be.

Exploring life

Shouldn’t we be focusing on the life that we have, on the time that we are given and what we can accomplish in that time? Finding ourseves in the process of exploring this amazing world. My previous home page admitted that I was afraid of the dark, but I actually am not afraid of darkn ess anymore, because it was in my darkest times that I grew the most and now that light surrounds me I appreciate those dark moments for being the sole reason I can appreciate this light today.

In this blog I explore everything that life throws at me. I do not limit it to any specific aspect but instead I choose to write as it comes to me. This is who I am, this is what I represent. This is the work I choose to share with the world , only to bring light and awareness and to grow the minds of anyone who is on the same level as me and can connect to what I say.

I hope you enjoy the journey of my mind. I surely do!





  1. Really love this peace and how you relate it to our lives.
    Beautiful is the lesson, that we must embrace ourselves with ALLLL our blemishes and spots 🤗

    Beautifully written 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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