Priorities… only are if you make them

What is a priority? Something you have CHOSEN to be more important than another thing. That other thing that got left behind could also be a valuable candidate to be a priority, but because of a choice that you made, it got placed second on the list. How do we decide what a priority shouldContinue reading “Priorities… only are if you make them”

Week 10 – 5 kg’s down! 1st Milestone achieved

I don’ t think that I believed I would reach this milestone, but now that I have I am so motivated to reach my 17Kg goal. 5 Kg’ s down and 12 to go. I would say in on my way – in 10 weeks I’ve lost 5 Kg’s with hardly any effort exercise wiseContinue reading “Week 10 – 5 kg’s down! 1st Milestone achieved”