I finally understand why I have been such a control freak all my life. It’s because I have rarely been in situations that have not been controlled in one way or another. I panic when control is lost, because the reality is control is comfort for me. It started with my mom, she loved control,Continue reading “Controlled”

The truth is

The truth is: I want to quit often, but I can’t… not only because I have little eyes that look up to me, or because I have a pattern of not completing certain things… I can’t quit because if I do, it means I give in to the voice that tells me I can’t doContinue reading “The truth is”

Priorities… only are if you make them

What is a priority? Something you have CHOSEN to be more important than another thing. That other thing that got left behind could also be a valuable candidate to be a priority, but because of a choice that you made, it got placed second on the list. How do we decide what a priority shouldContinue reading “Priorities… only are if you make them”