Emotional safety

Today I want to talk about something very close to my heart. When I was 8 years old I met my best friend, When I was 34 years old I lost her. She died in a car accident. We fought like crazy, for everything, but one thing I could always count on was that sheContinue reading “Emotional safety”

Finding Passion and excitement

I had a conversation this week regarding my journey of finding passion or being excited about life. I remembered a time when I found excitement uncomfortable, I did not express passion for anything or excitement. I lost my freedom to be excited when I got let down almost every single time something excited me. ThisContinue reading “Finding Passion and excitement”

Broken connections

I thought everything was good; that I was doing all the right things, making all the right choices and finding all the proper connections that I needed in life. Truthfully life is so much better now than it has been in a very long time, because I have made so many improvements and adjustments, butContinue reading “Broken connections”


I’ve let go of alot of things that were bad for me and it hasn’t been an easy process. In fact, they creep up every now and again to test my strength. I used to dwell on the fact that so many bad things have happened to me and my line used to be “youContinue reading “More”

My Mambocity 5 star Salsa congress Adventure was amazing

It’s all over now, I’m sitting in my new hotel room everything has settled and life has given me a moment to be quiet with myself and look back at the weekend I have just experienced. I didn’t know what I was walking into when I walked into the Radisson Blu Edwardian Heathrow hotel forContinue reading “My Mambocity 5 star Salsa congress Adventure was amazing”

My Mambo city 5 Star Congress adventure – part 3- Hey Mr DJ…

I’ve lived a very colourful life within the walls of South Africa. The only time I’ve ventured out of the country is to visit dad in Australia. So you can understand why I’m so excited to move in another direction. Why haven’t I travelled more?? Because I made choices that kept me here in SouthContinue reading “My Mambo city 5 Star Congress adventure – part 3- Hey Mr DJ…”

My Mambocity 5 Star Congress Adventure – Part 2

So I’ve been for the visa appointment, done and dusted. Now to wait for the yay or nay… fingers crossed for a positive response. You may be wondering why on earth I’m doing this step by step account of this journey. Well it’s because its not everybody that gets to travel, in fact only aContinue reading “My Mambocity 5 Star Congress Adventure – Part 2”

My Mambocity’s 5 Star Salsa Congress adventure -Part 1

I’m super excited that I have decided to be bold and jump into this adventure and hopefully visa willing can get to the Mambocity’s 5 Star Salsa Congress https://www.salsadance.co.uk/. It’s easy to stay in your corner and only have to deal with what you know, instead I’m choosing to practice what I preach and diveContinue reading “My Mambocity’s 5 Star Salsa Congress adventure -Part 1”