I feel amazing – Week 11

When I weighed myself this morning and the scale said 86.5 Kg’s I was so motivated to keep going, its been a steady decline from 92 Kg’s and now that I’ve added dance to my routine everyday it seems to have a positive impact on my journey. My goal weight of 75 Kg’s is soContinue reading “I feel amazing – Week 11”

Week 10 – 5 kg’s down! 1st Milestone achieved

I don’ t think that I believed I would reach this milestone, but now that I have I am so motivated to reach my 17Kg goal. 5 Kg’ s down and 12 to go. I would say in on my way – in 10 weeks I’ve lost 5 Kg’s with hardly any effort exercise wiseContinue reading “Week 10 – 5 kg’s down! 1st Milestone achieved”

Month 3 begins the challenge continues…

Its been 2 months since I began this challenge to improve my overall body health and like any challenge it has been difficult, because life isnt as simple as we wish it could be. For some this challenge is easy peasy , for others nearly impossible and for the general population like me its tough,Continue reading “Month 3 begins the challenge continues…”

3 steps forward, 1 step back – Week 6

We all know that nobody can say no to cake for their birthday, I mean you only turn 39 once… right? However, when your birthday lasts a week and a new cake is coming with every celebration then you have a small problem. It’s rude not to have as slice of your own birthday cakes…Continue reading “3 steps forward, 1 step back – Week 6”

The other side of 90 – Week 4

I started this challenge with my weight bouncing between 94 and 92 Kilograms – heavy right. The last (and only other) time I weighed this much was when I was pregnant with my daughter. However it took a while for me to register that it was getting out of hand and something needs to beContinue reading “The other side of 90 – Week 4”

Week 3 – Moving mountains

I definitely knew what I was getting myself into when I set this challenge, because if I don’t challenge myself… then who will? Right? This is my third weekly Wednesday update on the challenge to bring myself back to a healthy weight, because being 17Kg’s over my maximum weight for my height was a bitContinue reading “Week 3 – Moving mountains”