Just in time

Even the most put together people fall apart sometimes, the most successful ones too. I do not pretend to be anything that I am not, and I most certainly am not perfect. I am a firm believer in going through the process and being true to your feelings even if that means completely falling apart.Continue reading “Just in time”

My process of change

I feel like I’m in the process of change. I know this because the last time I was in this season it felt exactly like this one. I am fidgety, I feel dissatisfied, its like I know that I need growth, I know that I need to add more essence but more importantly remove whatContinue reading “My process of change”


I promised myself that if I’m going to do this it’s always going to be an authentic journey both for me and for those who choose to read my posts. Sometimes I stare at a blank screen and have no idea what I want to share with you and sometimes my energy and words flowContinue reading “Blocked”

My Lock-down inspiration

It’s not easy to be productive when you are home and have fallen into the cycle of late nights and sleeping in every day. However today am inspired by the many talented people who are being an inspiration to the world despite their circumstances. What I found is that the more I watch these peopleContinue reading “My Lock-down inspiration”

My challenge 2020 edition

Last year I challenged myself to lose 17kgs I started the year weighing 92 kg’s and by the end of May 2019 I was 84.1 Kg’s, just a few grams away from my actual halfway mark. I didnt track my progress after this date but I do know that there was a Croatia trip involvedContinue reading “My challenge 2020 edition”

Challenge accepted -Video

So I finally made this video, because my time is just about up and next week is my deadline for posting a video. This is the link to watch the video: https://youtu.be/nQRnGHb-mWM . It took me 6 months to actually post a video. I would like to share with you why I took so longContinue reading “Challenge accepted -Video”

Losing more than just weight

My weight journey has never stopped, I have been off and on with healthy eating since January 2019 and after London it took a while to get back on track. My weight is sitting at 84.1Kgs with a total loss of 7.9 kilograms and just 0.6kg’s away from my halfway mark. Which would be greatContinue reading “Losing more than just weight”

Week 15 – The struggle is real

At 85.5kgs this week, progress is really slow. Easter weekend definately played a part in it with chocolate at my fingertips for days. I’ve become somewhat relaxed now and it seems I am having one of those weeks were I want to curl in a ball in my bed and eat icream and chocolate forever,Continue reading “Week 15 – The struggle is real”

Week 13 – Standing tall

86.3 kg’s. It looks like I’ve gone down just 200 grams in the past 2 weeks. A slight dissapointment, I really expected more… On the positive side I’m still on a weight decline, no matter how slow I go I’m going to focus on the progress. I do admit, I havent been eating properly inContinue reading “Week 13 – Standing tall”