My next chapter

I have used this month of August 2022 to push myself to the next level. While there have been many ups and a few downs, I have managed to push myself into a new phase of growth and I’m ready to tell you about it.

I’m always talking about my growth processes and I love that I get to share it with you. You all know that I have had a difficult childhood and also a very testing youthful experience. I have learnt to grow and develop myself into being the wholesome person that I want to be and to live the life that I dream about. The trauma that I experienced as a child and young person had definitely pushed me onto a very dark and dangerous path, but my will to live had brought me back to a path of light and I am truly enjoying this process. My favorite part is when someone that has struggled like me reads my stories and it pushes them out of their funk an into a world of hope. When I started this blog, as most of you already know it was for myself, to push past fear and boundaries that held me back. I then took another step forward and started my podcast a year ago to push myself even further. I maintain that if I can even just help 1 person, I have done a great deed and I am thankful that I got to help that person in their time of confusion or darkness.

I’ve decided to take this process to a new level, a level where I take a very painful part of my past that I have overcome and I create a course for people that have experienced sexual trauma, like me. In the hopes that I can part with my knowledge and pass it on to those that are going through what I once went through. I’m excited for this chapter because I never thought that I would overcome it all, especially when I was swimming in the pain. I want people to know that its possible and I want to show them how I did it, so that they too can see that it really is possible.

This process is not like blogging and podcasting, where I just speak my mind and then post. It’s a process where I have to take the tools that I used and put it together to form a constructed course that people can follow. So I have been working my butt off, to make it perfect. I’m not done, but I’m telling you about it because this makes me accountable for my choices, once I click send on this post I cant turn back, I wont turn back. I’ve put it out there and now its not just me who knows I’m doing it. I’m at a phase where I’m nearing completion and I’m confident enough to say that this will be one of the greater steps that I have taken in my life. To not only just talk casually with you as I usually do, but to take my mind and apply it so that I can really help people that need help. People that are looking for ways that they can actually relate to and not just theoretical ways that seem unreachable. I’m not saying those ways shouldn’t be looked into, I’m just saying that not everyone can relate to the theory of how things should be, and would rather learn from someone who went through it and came out on the other side.

My experiences as a child, although traumatic have brought me to where I am today. They have turned me into this person that is here with you right now. I know what worked for me and I’m really excited to get it out into the world, in the hopes that it will work for those that need it.

By default, because I see you as my blogging family and this was my first step into finding my voice, I feel it only fits to make this my accountability group. I wont back down, or let fear stop me, because I know I have the support of the first family that chose me because of my work and accepted me and continue to support me in their own way. I genuinely do appreciate you all for the love you have given me over the years.

So… watch this space, soon Ill have moved to my next phase of my journey and I get to share it with all of you.

Thank you all again, I cant say it enough, for all the love and support that you give me on this group.

Love and light