A moment of clarity

I was laying on my bed and as I looked outside I was wowed by the display of light the moon and stars were boasting on this particular evening. I’m lucky enough to have the most amazing view from my bedroom windows and I get to enjoy the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets too. But this only happens if my curtains are open, if I’m awake at the right times, and if I let the light in. I’ve missed many moments of glory, by choosing to keep these curtains closed, or to not wake up early enough to witness this miracle that I have the opportunity to see every single day or night. Even the cloudy overcast scenes display a beauty that allows me to understand that even in the greyness of a cloudy sky, there lies so much beauty.

What’s the lesson in this? I learn that life has many openings to display beauty beyond my current understanding, but if I keep my eyes closed shut, if I keep my mind closed then that beauty will not be seen by me in any form. It will still be there, It doesn’t disappear because the curtains and the windows of my mind are closed, its just me that misses it because I didn’t take the time to open up these windows of opportunity to enjoy the beauty and splendor of what this world actually has to offer.

I sometimes hide behind the curtains because I fear that a storm is on the other side, but now I see that even the storms boast beauty in some way, shape or form. I know now that with each step I take forward my challenges will grow, but with each great challenge that I face and conquer comes an even greater reward for overcoming those challenges.

I have always wanted my life to be easier, and I relax a little when I do go through the easy flowing chapters of life, but they are always short-lived and my comfort disappears as quickly as it comes. I realise though, that with growth comes discomfort. I have to find the beauty in that time of discomfort, I have to look forward to the rainbows at the end of the storms and brace myself during the storms, knowing that in the end everything will be OK. I have to hold onto the moons display of light in the midst of my darkness and remember that all things work together, both what we perceive to be good and what we perceive to be bad, they work hand in hand with a process of mixing together to create a beautiful masterpiece. It’s never going to be all good or all bad. It will always be mixture of the two. Being alive means embracing the ups and the downs that come with life. Nobody that is truly alive has a constant up or down, it’s against the laws of nature and balance. Working through or hardships is what brings us to the celebrations and the easier times. It’s what helps us to appreciate the good times more, the goodness of life cannot truly be appreciated if you have never experienced any difficulties. It’s this contrast that allows us to truly and fully feel the Joy of a new day, a new friend, a new journey and a new chapter. It’s the contrast of the light versus the darkness that truly makes us enjoy the light, it’s the contrast of good versus evil that truly makes us appreciate the good. It’s also the hard work and effort we put into a project that truly makes us proud of the final outcome. The reality is that in order for us to be truly truly happy we would have had to be broken hearted in some way shape or form to truly enjoy the greater value of life. I think it’s that contrast that makes us truly revel in the joy when it comes, to make us want to stop and savor the moment, because we know of the alternative, we know of pain, and that each moment of joy lifts our hearts, just like the sunrise, just like the start of a new day, or the beginning of a new love. It’s the healing from brokenness that truly gives us the full spectrum of light, of love and of life. It allows us to fully understand the reason why a heartbeat is represented by both ups and downs and why you can only have a straight line when your heart no longer beats and when life has left your body.

So in this moment , wherever you are in life. Whether you are on an upward slope or a downward one. Wherever you are, stop to look at your life and and even in your pain, savor that moment , because when joy finally comes, you will be able to dance and sing and revel in that Joy, knowing that the sun has risen in your heart, and the moon will shine brightly in your darkness. Knowing that feeling equals living, feeling anything, love, joy, pain, anger or even sadness. To feel is to live, and being alive is the greatest blessing that could have been bestowed on us. At least in my personal opinion, and in my personal experience, this is my experience of life.

Have you taken the time to process your experience? Your ups and your downs? Both the lows and the highs make you who you are, don’t ignore the one because you cannot face the other. Look them both in the face and own them as who you are, the good, the bad, the beauty, and the ugly. Its balance that makes the two work in harmony with you, and when you find that balance you get to dance in the harmony of what your life truly is, who you truly are and you find an elevated level of living, not higher than anybody else, but higher than your past selves, because the only person you need to be better than, is the you that you were yesterday.

Elevate your life to new levels not to be better than another person, but to be your best you, every single day. Challenging yesterday with a brighter today. This is my wish for you.

Love and light

Tammy-Lynn Murphy

I dedicate this post to my beautiful daughter who is strong in so many ways and true to her heart. I am blessed to guide you through life my angel, I am blessed to be your mother.



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