Its been a quiet writing and podcasting week as I have had to press pause for a short while and focus on myself and work. I do miss it when I have these gaps but I’m always looking forward sharing my experiences with you again.

Sometimes we have to juggle too many things in life and that becomes overwhelming because we don’t always give the right amount of time and energy to everything that we should be focusing on. For me, this means my writing and podcasting, because when you are a single parent and the household solely depends on you, it’ s important to focus on what’s in front of you and deal with each challenge as they come. I’m definitely happy to have found a moment to share with you again.

Pressing pause on the business of life is sometimes needed to avoid an overload of the stresses that life tends to throw at you. Your emotional well being as well as your physical, mental and spiritual well being depends on the choices you make on a daily basis. In order to remain in control of yourself you have to always take the time to stop and make assessments of the current status of your being and look for ways to grow and to improve where you can. I find that I get bursts of energy when I am helping to lift others up with me as I do everything within my power to elevate myself to the levels that I was built for. Being elevated on my own doesn’t come naturally, I always feel like lending a hand to those that are reaching out to me for help and its the most rewarding when I can use my strengths to lift them up with me.

Does a pause mean I stop everything? Absolutely not. It simply means that I take a minute to reflect on what’s really important and what is not. So life doesn’t stop, but all the extras are paused for a short while. I know that some people may feel they don’t have the luxury of a pause, and I feel you, but what kind of a life are we living if we cant take time to ensure that we as people are in good shape mentally, spiritually or physically. Nobody is perfect, nobody really gets it right every time, but the effort put into making the time for ourselves even if its just a few minutes a day will make such great changes to your state of mind. You are definitely worth spending time with, so make a promise to yourself that you will love yourself enough to take the time to make those short pauses when you can and to take the long pauses when you need to. Nobody else can do this for you, so if not you then who? And if not now, then when?

People are falling apart simply because they are convinced that they don’t have control over their lives when they really do. They may have lost control momentarily, but they can take steps to regain control and find strength within themselves to overcome the cloud of doubt covering their minds and to see themselves as dreamers again, as beings filled with hope, and as people that can make a huge difference in the world by just starting to care for themselves. The overflow of your self care goes into those around you, and there is a domino effect of love that automatically comes with a simple practice of taking the time to pause and reflect.

So I hope this message finds you and gives you just a little more hope than you had before you read it, Because you are powerful and you can make waves of change not only in yourself but in the lives of those around you too.

Love and light

Tammy – Lynn Murphy

P.s. Don’t forget to scroll down and have a listen to my latest podcasts, I pour myself into them and I hope you can feel that as you listen.


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