Too much information (TMI)

I’m very into Self mastery and self development, so in my spare time I like to attend seminars and educate myself to the best of my ability. What I have noticed though is that these so called “Masters of the self” seem to overload me with emails, seminars, podcasts and even messages on my cellphone. To the point that I stopped listening altogether for a short while.

I was quiet in the month of June because I was really overloaded with work and also trying to keep up with everything that I have been given to help improve on myself. I reached a point where it became too much and the things that were supposed to help me became the very thing that began to hurt me. All because there was no control. I also find that with the courses I enrolled in, there are always Facebook groups which normally would be good, but then every life coach and potential master of self on the group begins to bombard my personal profile with their own agendas. Filtering through all these messages just to get to the ones I need have lead me to having to block so many people from my account became overwhelming for me.

What I have learnt is that there are so many people who now want to be life coaches, and create their own programs that it can send your head spinning. So what I have done is this. I took a breath, I remembered who I am and what I want out of this experience. reminding myself that my chosen people to guide me should stay my chosen people and everyone that has been bombarding my inbox needs to be removed. I get it, you have to promote yourself, and you should, but I don’t think you should be feeding off the backs of the courses you take to bombard other participants to follow you instead of the person that you both learnt from in the first place.

It made me think about who I want to be and it certainly isn’t a pain in anybody’s behind that’s for sure. I want to be chosen not forced, I want people to read my blog because they want to read it not because I’m forcing it down their throats. I love my little community and if it grows then I’m thrilled for every new member, but creating anxiety for people in order for them to read or listen to my content is not on my list of things to do for any given day. I’m not a fan of spam. I never want to have to spam anybody that hasn’t willingly signed up for the information and to force-feed them who I am and what I do.

It became a job on its own keeping up with the gazillion life coaches and mentoring programmes being offered to me in a forceful way. So I’m writing this piece for everyone on the same journey of growing themselves that I am on. My advice to you is this: Follow your peace, give energy to the things that come naturally to you, because you will receive information easily when you are ready to receive that information. Don’t sign up to anything you don’t want to sign up for, if you are curious, go for it, but if its not for you don’t be guilted into continuing by anyone. Everybody works at a different pace, and you should work at the pace that suits you. Am I saying don’t push yourself? Absolutely not! I am saying push your boundaries at a pace that you can handle and don’t let the expectations of other people push you off balance. Because from what I can tell most of these coaches are in it for themselves and the money and your growth is not their primary objective. Find someone that wants to help you, nurture you and grow you. So if your gut niggles at you and says something isn’t right, listen to it and move along to what is right, for you.

Don’t burn yourself out with an overload of information, because that is the quickest way to throw in the towel on your personal growth. Do one thing at a time and master one change at a time.

You got this. Enjoy the journey.

Love and Light.




  1. Kudos on knowing your truth and what works for you Tammy. I can relate and have unsubscribed from almost all marketing. In fact, I’ve stopped trying to fix or improve myself. Instead I’m focused on loving, accepting and being present. take care…

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    • Hi Brad yeah im definately more on the path to learn more about myself rather than fix. I dont believe that im broken, just that i have so much to still discover about who I am and what I am capable. Loving, accepting and being present plays a major role!
      Great to hear from you🌸

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