Every Little adjustment counts.

You are only as good as your last decision or choice. What you chose yesterday happened yesterday, the choices you are making in this current moment is what you should be focusing on and always trying to improve on. No matter how slight, make those improvements because every little adjustment counts.

I strive to improve in all aspects of my life, my parenting, work, my writing, my podcasting and most importantly my balance between the physical, mindful and spiritual parts of me. When you are in tune with your mind, body and spirit, I find that it gets easier for me to hear the subliminal messages being sent to me through life, through people, through dreams and just signs that you are on the right or wrong path. I still follow the peace inside me. That will always be my guide.

This week I spoke to 2 people that brought up sound quality and podcasting. One was a general comment and one was directly pointed at my podcast. The general comment was from someone that had never heard the podcast before and we were having a general conversation, however the comment directed at me was from family, more specifically teenage family who is into the technicalities of sound and apparently I need more input on my gains. Whatever that means. The information is well received, I will have to call my nephew to elaborate and I will also be researching “gains”. I have been very upfront about my lack of knowledge regarding podcasting and that I am learning as I go along, so when I get feedback that will help me to grow and improve, it is always welcomed. If I don’t get the feedback I wont know that something is wrong and then I wont be able to fix it.

My initial response was OMG I cant put out another episode until I figure out how to fix this. Then I remembered that I must stay on course and that I have made commitments to myself to put out new episodes no matter what. So I am going to continue to record my podcasts as usual and I will make the necessary changes for better sound as soon as possible. So I hope that the quality is not that bad that you aren’t listening, and I hope that the message is still received as it was meant to be received. So I am very grateful for the feedback, thank you. It takes me to a conversation I had with a friend of mine when I first started the podcast who does this for a living and he did emphasize that sound quality is very important. So I should be looking at how to make the little adjustments in order to create a pleasant listening experience.

Another adjustment that is paying off is the one I spoke about in my last post. My lemon water and celery juice are back in full swing and my energy levels are through the roof. I am sleeping so much better now and I seem to be back on track and well balanced.

Today is definitely a good day. I feel like there is so much to be excited about and I don’t know what it is, but I feel like something good is coming. The smile on my face and the flow of energy that runs through me right now just feels right, it feels good and it feels like I am on the right path. The little adjustments that I made in the past have paid off. I am very proud of the person I am growing into and I love learning about my abilities every single day. Once you now the formula for success, there really is no looking back.

Nobody can take this away from me, because its in me, its in the core of me and the essence of my being. I was born for this journey and I really am soaking in every single step of the journey, the good the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. Its all part of the package. Everything works together, nothing and nobody can thrive alone, We all need something, someone, someway to grow. We need the air to live, the sun too, throw in water and food. We cannot survive without these. We need people too. Nothing will succeed on its own, no business can survive without its staff, its investors, and its customers. There is a cycle in everything. Nothing is truly independent, nobody is really independent. We all depend on something, or someone. Its just the way we were created. Beings dependent on air, water, food and the sun. Dependent on each other for survival. Safety in numbers, we are always stronger together. I have had to learn to adjust to this notion that I depend on others, because I have always felt that I can do everything on my own. As much as I can do most things on my own, my greatest adjustment so far is allowing others to help me to make not only my life, but everything in general easier. That little adjustment of saying yes to help has made the greatest difference in my life.

Stubbornness will keep us where we are and human beings are happiest when they are growing, improving and achieving. Your stubbornness will stop you from what you need the most. If I can chuck being stubborn out the window and embrace help from others then so can you. Because I think that if stubborn was a person it would definitely have been the me before I learnt that I needed to make changes.

My wish for you is that you allow others to help you. Let them have some input into your life, how else will you identify those blind spots. If we are going to be offended with everything anyone says top help you, then how will you ever grow and learn to improve as a person or in your career. Don’t take offence to everything and try to hear what the message is.

So my point is: Let people have their opinion and their input, then use what you need and make adjustments where you can and where you feel is necessary. Don’t let stubbornness and offence keep you from growing. Let Peace lead your way and receive the gifts that others give even if it doesn’t come in a package that you would prefer.

Love and light.




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