Feeling indifferent

So today I am feeling very indifferent. Its a phase of in-between for me. I’m neither good nor bad. I’m just not bothered. Its a Friday afternoon and I’m ready for the weekend to begin, but I have no plans for the weekend really other than take the teenager to volleyball, watch the games and bring her home. Some weekly fresh produce grocery shopping and then just vegetate at home and chill with the teenager. I genuinely need to make a trip to the gym this weekend. I have not had a proper gym session in a very long time. Small sessions at home have just not been doing the trick.

I’m really just like at a phase where I have to wait and ride the wave. I have done everything that I am able to and I must now sit back and wait. I know that I can do something to spice up my weekend but I don’t really want to. I am good with this mode. I need to switch off and just do what needs to be done. I cant say I have nothing to be excited about, I have plenty to be excited about, but today I’m “meh” .

Anyway, I’m human and I’m allowed a day. Tomorrow I may wake up and be full of energy and do the most with the day. Tomorrow will see for itself, but today, this is the Tammy that is walking the planet.

I love you guys. I am good. Have a blast of a weekend and never stop being true to who you are.

Love and light.


P.s. Don’t forget to have a listen to the podcast, your support is so appreciated and valued. 💖



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