Life will never be the same

There are things that happen in life that change your course completely. Sometimes its a thing that happens unintentionally and sometimes it is an intentional occurrence. It may be a terrible thing that happens and changes or a beautiful and uplifting experience. But life happens and we have find ways to make it happen in our favour more often than not! I can now say that I have experience both unintentional and intentional pivotal moments and have experienced them from both negative and positive points.

There is a certain feeling of accomplishment when you have a positive pivotal moment that was intentional on your part. This is what happened to me this weekend. I made a choice that changed the way I see the world forever. I think the understanding of how my mind became clouded with the negative noise of everything that has happened to me and to be reminded that even though they seemed to be gone, those positive memories still lived inside of me, I just had to pull them out intentionally. Its like that saying ‘ you can do 100 good things and people will love you , but do 1 wrong thing and all the good is forgotten’ . Its the same with our memories, we seem to remember all the bad things and shove all the good things to the back, living off the energy of those limitations that come with wanting to protect ourselves from repeating the bad things.

I learnt that remembering my happy moments are a gift, and that I should use my positive experiences as a reference point not my negative ones. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders because I trusted my gut and just jumped straight into committing to the UPW. Tony Robbins definitely knows his stuff, I have been absorbing his information for as long as I can remember, but this live seminar was something that I just cannot do justice by trying to explain it it using mere words. The proof is in the pudding and the tools that he gave me to live a life that thrives in blessings, abundance and clarity was worth every single cent.

The weight that has been sitting on my chest has lifted, I have been able to breathe again and what’s great is that as long as I stay committed to myself and my journey, I don’t ever have to be less than I was created to be. I don’t think I will be controlled by the external as much as I used to be and I see my path with so much clarity now that there is no other choice but to march forward.

My outlook on life has changed because of this weekend. My eyes have been opened and what has been seen can never be unseen. Now that I know better, I have a responsibility not only to myself, but to my family , my friends, and the rest of the world to do better. Its my destiny to serve and so I shall serve with all of my being.

Today was the first day of the rest of my life and it was everything that I needed it to be and more than I could have ever imagined it to be.

I know I’m still on a high. I know the high will wear off, but I also know how to manage my high now and I know how to turn it on at will.

I recommend to those that are on a self mastery journey to save up and make the investment in yourself to grow. Don’t take it for granted that everything will fall on your lap, because those that have succeeded in life went out there and took what they learnt and acted on it. They looked, they searched, they educated themselves and they implemented.

I’m so excited, I cant stop now, its full steam ahead.

I’m super excited 😁 can you tell?

Love and Light




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