Indentity Theft

Someone tried to use my personal Instagram account yesterday to create a pathway to a paid for site that implies pornography. At first I was a little shocked, that lasted for about 2 mins then I laughed when I read the content.

At 42 they try to steal my identity for this rubbish

I was made aware of it almost immediately thank goodness as they had clearly just created it and went straight into following the people that I follow. What made me really happy is that the people that know me reacted immediately, sent me screenshots and took action reporting the page. I have to say I was impressed at how quickly it got taken down by Instagram, I also am surprised at how quickly the following grew from 1 to something like 300. Its taken me years to get 500 people to follow the @tamstachick page. This person throws sex into play and boom people are in there.

There were mixed emotions, some believed that I had actually done this? Clearly these are not my people. Some immediately laughed and sent me messages telling me “You know you have made it when they steal your identity” Which I thought was hilarious. I really had a good laugh and I think its best to laugh these types of things off. People go through so much worse and have to deal with real identity theft, especially here in South Africa. You find out that you are married or that you have credit that you didn’t even take out. You can become a criminal without even knowing that your identity is being used in the craziest ways. I admit I was nervous for 2 minutes, but then I chose to laugh because there was nothing that I could do outside of report it to Instagram and then make everyone aware that it wasn’t me. It could have been worse, but it wasn’t. When you open yourself up to the public this is one of the things you have to deal with.

There good people in this world and there are bad people too. Its a yin and a yang. There will never be pure goodness or pure evil in any situation. I choose to stand firm in my beliefs and support those that are struggling with the internal war that pulls them between the 2 by sharing my struggles and hoping that it will help even in the tiniest way. The world has many scam artists, this is how they have chosen to earn their living, by stealing from people that they fool into trusting them mostly by pretending to be someone else. Its sad, but its true. Are these people 100% bad? Probably not. They most likely have families too like you and I, and go home to loving relationships with wives, husbands and children. I do believe that KARMA really is a bitch and that unfortunately for them the energy you put out into the world will come back to bite them in the ass when they least expect it to.

The lesson for myself in all of this is for me to just keep being who I am, because there is no good in trying to be anyone that I am not. I see how people sway from their intended path in order to act like, or look like sometimes even pretend to be someone that they are not. This is pointless, because we can never really be anyone other than ourselves. Trying to be anyone else is what creates discomfort and pain, this is where the insecurities begin. When we start to believe that we should be more like others instead of sticking to being true to who we are an do what we were born to do. Nobody can do a better job at being you that you. People may try to imitate you , but that is all they can do, imitate you. No matter what they do they can never be you and the same goes for you. Stop trying to imitate other people, why are you wanting to be an imitation of something when you already are the real you. Use your uniqueness and your realness to grow who you are as a person and forget trying to live in anyone else’s shadow.

Let your very own light shine on the world. Be who you were born to be. Stand tall in who you are and walk your path with your head held high and believe that you are here for a purpose that is meant for only you. Yesterday, before all this Identity theft drama happened I was feeling heavy. I literally felt like someone was sitting on my chest. Anxiety yes, I am working through it. I spoke to a friend and I just could not hide the anxiety from her. So we spoke about what is causing it, and I really just have a lot on my plate right now; work, home, emotions, expectations, finances, just a lot. I also am alone in this battle, with nobody really to lean on in times like this. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not struggling to survive, I’m just overwhelmed with the weight of it all on my shoulders. My friend reminded me that my faith is strong and that doubt has no room in my life. I am here for a reason, I am going through this overwhelming time for a reason. There are parts of me that need to grow and these challenges are the things that will help me to strengthen those parts that need growth. She reminded me that I am not alone. That I am never truly alone and that because of my faith I never have to feel alone. After a good cry, the weight lifted off my chest and I could breath again. I felt truly relieved and grateful for the conversation.

Shortly thereafter, boom! Tamstame2.0 page opened and I had to laugh, because had this happened before my conversation, I may have reacted differently. I may have panicked, I would have panicked. I would have let it get to me, because I was not my best. My friend was my angel and came to my aid just in time. This is why my faith is strong. Because I have grace that surrounds me and even though my life has many challenges, I always get through. Why would I even want to try and be someone that I am not, when who I am is perfectly suited to me. Nobody else can be me like how I can and so I will continue to rise after every challenge. Even if you try to turn me into a fake Tamstachiik channel to a fake porn site using my pictures to lure people in. I’m flattered that you chose me, unlucky for you I am protected and have the hand of GOD on my life.

And on that note, may you all find all the love and light that you need to thrive and don’t forget to hold your head high, no matter what you are facing.




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