Deep Breath

Breathing is so important to the quality of our day, in fact of our lives. I was once told that my body doesn’t get enough oxygen because my breathing was very shallow and because I’m bigger than the average female. That it added to the sluggish feeling that used to come with my day. It took me a long time to fully grasp this concept and I finally can see the results of proper breathing techniques.

I have always taught my daughter to take deep breaths whenever she was panicking, anxious or upset. I would breathe along with her and it was all due to me discovering the significance of getting enough oxygen in my body. Do I know the science of it? No I don’t. Should I … Probably, but for now I know the difference it makes to my body and my mindset and that is good enough, until I need to learn more. Baby steps and I’m trying not to over think EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME.

Taking time out of my day to focus on my breathing keeps me rooted in calmness and helps to pull me back into a balanced mindset when my mind starts running off the rails. When you are an overthinker like myself, this is a regular occurrence so being able to stop myself and breathe, redshifts my focus and helps me to put things into perspective.

When you think about the logic behind it, with out breath you die, or you can become brain damaged. It’s the essence of your life. So why wouldn’t it be a priority and why wouldn’t we teach our kids to use their breath to their advantage? Why am I rambling on about breathing? Because I have needed to stop a few times this week and breath before making choices, and because of that I made better choices, calmer choices and not emotional ones. I think it’s worth talking about, I think we should all look into it more and improve the standard we hold ourselves to with calmness and clarity and the easiest way to get to this point is by being in control of our breathing patterns and not depriving our brain of the proper amount of oxygen that it needs.

I hope this message finds you all well and in a calm space, where you are able to stop and take a breath. Why? Because you can, because you should and because its good for you.

Thank you for sharing a part of yourself with me by being here today. I appreciate you! 🌼

Love and light




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