The last few days have been positive for me. I’ve have been focused on learning how to overcome obstacles and healing. I write this post because I want you to know that we cannot avoid difficult moments in life, they are inevitable, but we can put on a suit of armor in the form of information, friendship, love, prayer, meditation and just allowing the healing process to happen.

I realise that humans like to force things, we want it to happen quickly and it really just doesn’t work that way. We cannot heal a lifetime of pain in 1 hour and we cannot reverse a lifetime of bad habits in 1 session or 1 lesson. It just does not work that way. If it did, we would all be living the easiest lives, but we are all fighting our way through our obstacles the best way we know how. It’s no wonder many of us don’t know how, because we don’t take the time to learn how. To soak in information from those that have experienced life. In the past Elders in the community were the most valuable, because they had the most knowledge and they were the most respected because they could share their wealth of knowledge and experience with the younger generations to make their paths easier, to make their discoveries greater and to make life more sustainable. Allowing knowledge and tradition to continue with each generation.

But nowadays few people appreciate their elders, they don’t even respect them. So their knowledge dies with them and the youth are left to learn for themselves from scratch without the wealth of knowledge that lives in those older than you. This is why we struggle to grow rooted in our ancestral inheritance, and we find ourselves floating around, lost without knowledge of who we are, were we come from and why we have certain traits and characteristics. It’s interesting to listen to stories about our ancestors and to hear the similarities we have in personality or looks to them. The only connection we have to this is through our elders and we seen to dismiss them too easily nowadays as irrelevant or unnecessary due to their lack of technical knowledge. However, life is not based on purely technology and we now have a generation with a huge lack of people skills, of family skills and with a lack of ability to properly connect with people. I see it in my daughter, being someone that has lived through both eras, one without technology and one with… I can compare the 2, and I can genuinely say that my child has been robbed of many of the adventures that I had the privilege of experiencing when I was her age. As a parent I genuinely look at the gap and try my best to fill up what I can to give her the tools that she needs. But again technological skills is what these kids look up to not life skills.

We need to understand that just because we have information doesn’t mean we have to take it at face value. You can have a wealth of information and still not choose that for yourself. You can choose to use information or not. The key is to having a wealth of information though, giving you the opportunity to make well rounded choices for yourself. I think a lot of the pain endured by me during my life was due to a lack of information. If I had listened more to my elders and absorbed their stories instead of just writing them off, I would have had a clearer understanding not only of my Geneology but also my spirituality. Where did my family fit in religiously, what has been passed down to me and my kid? Blessings or curses? (If you believe in things like this) How will you ever really know what has been passed down to you if you never took the time to listen to the stories of the elderly, even if they tend to repeat themselves, repetition is good because that way you will remember them when they are long gone and you can pass them on to your kids.

This is my healing process, seeing the gaps and rectifying them as best as I can and filling in the gaps where I have the knowledge to do so. Allowing those that love me to help me when I need help and helping myself too. Nobody is going to save me from this, its all up to me and I have to make the effort, make the moves and rectify the errors that I have made. Healing my mind, my heart, my body and my soul. Finding ways to refresh and start over. Changing my mind and changing my habits one by one to improve myself. Sleeping when I’m tired , resting when I need to and allowing my body the time to process what it needs to process.

In order to heal you have to stop and assess the problem, then you have to find out the options you have to resolve the issues and then you find the best course of action for you. When you don’t know what to do you have to ask for help from those that do know. Its important that you are proactive in finding ways to heal your mind, body and soul regularly. You have to heal what’s broken in you, you will not be your best if you don’t. I have not been my best and I am working every day to heal one thing at a time, to change one thing at a time and to take small steps every day in order to get myself closer to the version of myself that I know I am capable of becoming.

So, the lesson here is, if its broken, don’t accept that for yourself, instead find ways to heal, to mend and to put what you perceive to be broken back together again. You are worth making this a priority. You are worth making you a priority. Nothing worth having will come easy, so healing your pain will not be an easy process, but it will be worth it. I know that I am not perfect, but I do try my best everyday to improve myself even if it in the smallest way. My greatest challenge right now is controlling my frustration and I am realising that starting my day with meditation and prayer gives me a head start in helping me remain calm in the moments of frustration. It wont disappear without effort from my part. I have to do the work. I have to put in the time. I know that to increase the momentum of healing I have to get my body moving more and be more active, and I will get to that point because its required. But for now, my mind is the thing I am working on and changing my thought processes into one that doesn’t dwell in pain, but instead looks toward healing. You find what you look for and I use the tools that I have to pull myself out of my funk, but it all starts in your mind, you have to get your head right, get your thoughts right and then the body naturally follows. I am well on my way and it begins with each and every day. Every step counts, every moment counts. Even the smallest change makes the greatest difference in becoming the master of your own healing process.

Thank you for all the love and support that you send my way. I appreciate you all.

Love and light.



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