5 years of blogging

I would have never guessed that 5 years later I would still be here and happily writing to my hearts content. Today is my 5 year blogging anniversary.

5 years ago I took a deep breath and clicked on send for the first time ever. It was the most rewarding step for growth that I took FOR MYSELF. It was the first time I let anyone in on my writing. The very first time I opened up, and it was to anyone and everyone who came across my post. I was shit scared, let me tell you. My heart was pounding, my hands were sweaty and I almost took it down a few times. I mean, who was even going to see it? hahaha I told myself nobody, and then I secretly hoped that nobody would read it! Hilarious! Then I got my wish and nobody read my first post. I was relieved, but happy that I put it out there. Then I grew some courage and wrote a second post, because if nobody was going to read them I was safe? Right? hahaha wrong… I soon learnt that the more content I wrote, that people would eventually find it, whether I advertised or not.

My first reader, whoever they are, has no idea the impact they had on my life, on my confidence. then the second and the third. I was so insecure that I nearly closed my page so many times, thank GOD I overcame my fear and just let it be. Now I love my page, I love all of you who read my posts and I love sharing myself. Zero fear. This page has helped me find the confidence in myself and my writing that I didn’t have 5 years ago. I have never really counted followers, or likes or anything. I guess I’ve never really done it for attention and I’m even ok with the very rare negative comments that come my way. I mean, I obviously check when I get new followers and read messages etc. But my validation in myself and my writing doesn’t lie in how popular my page is or isn’t. It lies in how I feel while I write and the satisfaction I get when clicking send.

This has been my happy place for a while now and I don’t ever want to go back to life before this amazing family that I have here. This is where I belong.

Happy 5 years to Tamstame.com!

Love you all. Thank you for 5 years of joy.

Love and light.




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