Intentional living

Sounds easy doesn’t it? Living with intention. I’ve learnt that its not. I definitely want to live intentionally and in the present and I think I do a lot of the time, but sometimes I blink and a week has passed and nothing that I intended was done and life just swooshed me right into the abyss of sleepwalking through time and not even knowing when I actually slipped out of the state of intentional living. I call it sleepwalking because I feel like we are subconsciously walking around in robot mode not giving thought or consideration to much. Just robot mode through the day.

Now I know some of you feel that robot mode/sleepwalking is the easier route. I agree it is so much easier to just close the eyes of your mind and carry on that it is to have to face the obstacles placed in front of you daily. So it seems I tend to slip in and out of the two states of living regularly. When my life is balanced and I eat right, exercise, meditate, pray, etc. Intentional living comes easily because I start the day with the intentions clearly made. However when I sleep late, I have to rush, no time to pray, meditate or just be with myself before the day starts then its a mess. Nothing is thought out for the rest of my day. I am rushing through everything or dreaming through everything and before I know it the day is gone and I have accomplished nothing worth accomplishing.

Intentional living is difficult, at least for me it is. It takes a daily discipline to start off on the right path and to let the day follow. Discipline doesn’t flow too easily for me, I have to admit, I stray regularly off the path. Especially when I’m on the said path alone. IT IS TOUGH FOR ME TO STICK TO A NEW PLAN ALONE. I don’t know why I am this way, but I work better with people. When I don’t have people around me I drift off into a different place and I daydream ALOT. I forget that I’m meant to be doing a task for a moment and do something else. It is crazy, but true. Yes I can function alone, but not for too long. How did I learn this? I isolated myself for most of last year. And everything in the form of health and pushing for active changes fell to pieces. However I did plenty internal work and many things in the form of spirituality came together. What does this mean for me? I have have a healthy balance of people and solitude for me to be ant my peak performance. Did I always know this? Kind of. But I never really tested it out like I did last year. I’m glad I did.

Knowing who we are and what works for us and what doesn’t is one step closer to living your life intentionally. Understanding what your triggers are make the greatest difference and allows you to learn how to diffuse the bomb inside your mind before it explodes. Easier said than done? Absolutely true, but not impossible and if you put your mind to it you can diffuse your triggers with time and putting the work in to understand why you have them in the first place.

What is the point of this post? To tell you that we all want to live intentionally, you are not on this journey alone. The struggle lies with all of us as fellow human beings. Even those that appear to have their lives together and look ZEN all the time have their moments of relapse and have off days. So don’t be too hard on yourself. As long as you have breath in your body, you have a shot at realizing your dreams and reaching your true potential. You just have to want to badly enough to put in the effort needed and also to stay away from people that are holding you back and pulling you down instead of lifting you up and settling you free.

The truth is, life is however you choose to look at it. Some say life is short. Some say life is long? They are both correct, life is however you choose to see it. Either way, you have only this one life, but you get a chance with every sunrise. If you open your eyes to a new day you have been blessed with the chance to do your best. Don’t worry too much about what your brother has or has not, or what your sister has or has not. Focus on you and what you wish to contribute to this world before you leave. Their journey is not yours. Your journey in not theirs. You just have the blessing of sharing paths every now and again and sharing love, hope and joy with them. Stop looking at others for your path and just use the mind you have to find your very own one. Use the gifts you have the tools you have, the information that YOU have. Close your physical eyes and open the eyes of your mind so you can truly see what you are capable of and where you are meant to go. Use the senses of your soul to guide you. Connect to your maker, the source of your life and stop looking at the physical obstacles in front of you. Close your eyes, reach out to your source (GOD) and connect with your true path. Root yourself in the peace of knowing that no matter what, if you open your eyes to a new day, you get to try again.

So stop fretting about tomorrow, it will come and you will face it when it does. Don’t look back, unless to smile or to learn and improve. Forgive both yourself and others because in the end grudges die along with people, so what’s the point in holding onto them. Let them go, they are heavy to carry and they limit you from reaching for the blessings you should be reaching for with each day.

Live your life with as much intention as you possibly can, and if you happen to slip into robot mode, don’t fret the small stuff. Tomorrow is a new day and if your eyes open to the rising sun you get to try again anyway.

Love and light.



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