This is not a resolutions post, this is a gratitude post. 2022 started off peaceful for me and has continued to move in a direction of peace so far. I know that its easy to be at peace while everything is going your way but I am grateful for this moment, right here right now. A moment where I get to reflect just a little and have a smile on my face because the depth of joy is so deeply rooted in the core of my being that it will take more than just a tug to uproot me now.

2021 was a year of solitude and reflection. The entire year was spent working on healing myself and making the changes needed to move past the nasty habits holding me back from reaching my next milestone. I was too concerned with what people needed from me and was completely consumed with making sure they were satisfied with my work instead of ensuring my own satisfaction and pleasure. It is easy to fall into the trap of doing things for the ego instead of for the greater good. I know that EGO always gets in my way and the only way I was able to work through that was to remove myself from the compliments and praises of people and to focus on changing my focus to a more meaningful one where praise does not feed my reasons for doing and for being. I’m not saying I don’t appreciate compliments, I’m sayin that I cannot allow them to be my reason, because if the compliments get taken away then I have given people the power to take away from me, and that’s not an option.

It is important to continue reflecting on your progress, continuously reminding yourself of your intentions and your reasons for doing what you do. I do see how removing myself from the noise of praise and criticism has made the mission easier and has kept me focused on the task ahead. Avoiding the whiplash that you get from looking back and forward worrying that you may have offended someone or that you will not get the praise that your EGO requires because you have been honest is definitely something that I am truly grateful to have begun to learn. My life was definitely too focused on pleasing others instead of following my own path and heading in the direction of my purpose. 2021 was good to me even though it was one of the most painful years of my life, it put so much into perspective and removed clutter that needed to be removed.

I took my time to write this first post of 2022. I wanted to let the year gain some momentum before I leap into sharing myself again. I wanted some time to enjoy the quiet of my mind, the precious moments with my friends and family and to let 2022 be what it is before I looked for any type of meaning behind it. I’m glad I did that because I have realised that the only truly valuable moment is now. Yesterday gave me so much to be grateful for and to learn from and tomorrow… who know what it will bring. But right here right now I am taking time to do what’s precious to me and that is to write. To openly express myself on this platform in the hopes that anyone who happens to read this post finds something that they may have needed to read, something that makes them think on the things in their life that they may need to change, or even something that you see that I am lacking that you can be grateful for in your own life. My dream is to be completely free and step by step I am realising that freedom comes in so many different forms and its up to us to find our own cages and set ourselves free. Because what’s holding me back is not what holds you back. We are different beings , we have different experiences, our pain is not the same yet at the same time it feels that same. What I need may not be what you need, and so I believe that nobody can help you but you. Nobody can heal you but you. Its up to you to decide if you want it badly enough to do what it takes, and that is where the struggle lies. We look for quick fixes and there are none. You have to take the steps to find your peace and continue to do the work, and therein lies the key to complete freedom. Understanding that you have to take the time to do the work on yourself in order to remove the obstacles that hold you back, you have to find the tools specific to you that will help you build yourself up and you have to never stop learning, because this world is ever changing and if we stop being curios and wanting to learn then as human beings we begin to stagnate because we are evolving beings and in order to flourish we must continuously look to improve not only ourselves but those around us too. We cannot live only for ourselves and our families we have to look at the world as a collective and we have to as much as we can to help where we can. Its in our nature to love, so why do we fight it so much more than anything else? Why do we let fear stop us from being true to our very nature? We are not born to hate, that is a learned behaviour and I believe that we can unlearn anything that we have learnt and create a clean slate from which to live our lives and whether you choose new years day to start, your birthday or any random day in the year. it doesn’t matter, as long as you start at some point.

Short and sweet, that is the way to start off my blogging year. I hope you all are well rested and ready to tackle all you goals for 2022. I know I am and I look forward to sharing it with you.

Love and Light to you all


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