Roped in

Staring into space, knowing I'm in a place I'd rather not be. Yet circumstances don't allow me to leave, or so I keep telling myself. I know I need to go, I know I need to grow, but how do I leave this place when I don't know where to go. 

Who am I , where am I, why am I here, how do I get over there? So many questions run through my mind as I stare at the screen, trapped in my thoughts. My hands wont move, my body is frozen, and I feel like the world is sitting on my shoulders, I want to scream, but nothing comes out, my body Is stuck in that moment of doubt.

 I wish I knew when the tides would turn, I wish I knew if this shit would finally burn to ground like it rightfully should because lives are being destroyed and nobody seems to even realise that the end result is that sleepwalking mode that I have feared for so long.

 I see them walking around with their souls tied to things that they wish they could have and so they hold on too tightly to the ropes that they think hold them up but are actually holding them hostage from the truth that they don't even realise they should be finding.

Searching for the hope that life has to mean something and only realising on their death bed that its too late now and when they finally let go of that rope that they've been holding for so long, their bodies cant keep up to the truth that is too far gone.

Their entire existence has been taken away and only because they didn't listen to the whispers that day, the whispers that came through the feeling in their being and they shrugged it off to be a meaningless dream and just as the wind tried to push them toward the direction that they were born to go, again they refused to release that rope that's held them hostage from so long ago.

Now that it chokes the life out of them and they finally see that what they thought was their lifeline was actually their doom. That the rope they held onto had kept them in line, when in fact in reality they were actually born to fly, that rope that they held onto that made them secure was actually put there to keep them from more. 

Love and Light 
Tammy-Lynn Murphy


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