the creation

I want to be the type of person that sees wonder in the world, and every morning when I wake up I want to feel the way I feel today. Bright eyed, full of energy, full of hope and I can see the endless possibilities that lay in from of me for the picking. Its a great space to be in especially after the storm that has just recently passed.

I don’t know what the future holds but I do know that I have today, I have now and I’m using it to share with you the value in hanging in there through the tough days. They can get heavy, I have been carrying a weight on my shoulders for some time now, but eventually you realise that not every load is yours to carry and once I started to put things down, put feelings aside and put myself first… the storm started to clear.

There’s one thing that gets me through every storm and that’s my relationship with my MAKER, the GOD that lives in me and in you is the source of my strength. I recently said to someone that it’s a such a shame humans have put limitations on the possibilities of GOD. Who are we to name him and say what his wishes are for everyone? We are mere mortals who will leave these bodies one day and be purely spirit. There’s so many things that are taboo now. It’s just too obvious how the need to control the masses has actually worked and divided people. I mean right is right and wrong is wrong… basic human instincts can guide you there because he who made us gave us the ability to decipher these types of things for ourselves and our own lives. But humans are never just happy with living our lives for ourselves, we seem to want to control what everyone else is doing too. Greed plays a part, because it’s easier to take from those who are mentally weaker and so we convince people to believe things or Gods or whatever it is that people are doing out there. Just to get what we want out of the equation. The we I refer to is human beings. I’ve gone down a path that opened my eyes and my heart to the possibility of true faith, true love, true relationship with my maker and I find these things not through other people, but when I’m alone, in a quiet space and its just us. I find that the relationship comes with every sunrise that I get to experience and wake up to and I find it with every sunset that ends the day. When I take a deep breath to fill my lungs with air I’m literally filling my body with life… The creator of everything. What a thought to behold that there is such a being, and not only that but he made me, uniquely and individually too, not just wham bang thank you mam.

I know that the world is divided into who knows how many different religions. I wont even go into that because every religion is important and valid to the people that were born into them and taught to practice them. Who am I to tell you that your way is wrong and my way is right? This is why we have war, division and hatred. because we all want to be right. We can’t all be right and at the same time we can all be right. Maybe the religion that we are born into is right for us, and we learn through them that GOD exists and that he is mighty and everlasting. Then we take the information we are given and we form a relationship with him and we are guided to our individual paths through relationship. Just because your parents saw things one way does not make it the only way. Listen to your heart, listen to the GOD in you that breathes his life into you everyday so that you may live. There’s no escaping the being that created you, lets be real now, whoever thinks they can escape the very essence and source of life is just ridiculous.

The reality is that we will never agree to disagree, because we are human. We want to be right, we want to be in charge and we want to be the best. We want more and more and we are never truly satisfied. But if we stop, just for a moment and look around us, at the destruction that we have caused because of this, it should make you sick to your stomach. In the name of GOD we human beings have killed and destroyed. In the name of the creator of all things we kill all things. It’s the strangest thing really. All for greed, all for more and all for ego. We have taken away togetherness and made everything about ourselves. We live only for ourselves, our families, our lives. We over look everything else and everyone else. I’m guilty of this too sometimes. There is so much pain out there that it has become normal to see it and we blindly walk past it everyday of our lives. We close our eyes to so many things because it’s inconvenient. I am guilty of this too. We look down on the poor simply because they have less than us. Less things than us in material man made things, but they don’t have less life than us, they breath in the same air we breathe, they experience the same sunrise and sunset like we do. They just don’t have things, material things, things created by MAN to give himself a certain level of importance and make him feel better than another. It’s really sick that some people will see an elderly person, and treat them like less than because they have no material wealth. GOD did not create division, MAN did. We divided ourselves into religions, rich/poor, we even divided ourselves into colour (I mean this is just ridiculous). We have divided ourselves according to the symmetry of our faces and labelled beauty as a preference. Human beings are so divided and full of their own ideas that they have forgotten who they are, where they come from and they have abandoned themselves all in the name of power. There are so many power hungry people in this world that leave a dark mark on everything. They only see importance in the money in their bank accounts and over look the beauty of life itself.

So as I sit here and watch this beautiful sunrise. I think of all the possibilities I have to choose from, because of all the divisions that surround me, and it makes me sad that there are some that will never experience more because they have so many limitations engraved into them, but I can only make choices for myself and I choose to live my life, they way that feels right to me. Where I am free to be myself, make mistakes and breathe life into my body with a sense of gratitude for every breath. I don’t sit on the fence anymore and kind of say I’m not sure, because I am very sure now, of my relationship with my maker, The creator of everything, he who I choose to not place any limitations on because as a mortal being, who am I to limit creation? Who am I to give creation anything else but gratitude and love for allowing me to be here, and then while I’m here, I get to live in awe of every single creation, every single thing that’s natural and every breath I take I have come to understand is a gift on its own. So why do I complain about trivial things, like money, when I have the world at my fingertips, when the best things in life are free and money is just one of those many limitations that WE HUMANS have plagued this beautiful world with.

Can I live without money in this world? NO because WE HUMANS have made sure of that. Can I take my focus off money and focus on what’s more important, like love, peace and joy? Yes I absolutely can, even when money limits me and I am not sure how I will get through the bills that month, I choose to remember as I take my breath, that I am alive, I choose to remember when I watch the sunrise, that its in moments like these that are what’s important, It’s when I’m rolling around with laughter with my kid or with my friends or with my family and I laugh so much that my cheeks begin to ache, that this is what life is about. If I focus on the Joy, on the Peace, on the Love and continue to live life according to my individual purpose, that everything will work out in the end. The tough times will pass, just as quickly as the laughter does. Nothing stays the same, everything comes for a moment and then passes us by allowing space for new moments to arrive.

Remembering that there are endless possibilities and no limitations in the realm of creation and if we just tap into that realm as best we can then the world is yours to make your playground and if you keep searching for life and for light you will surely find it.

Love and light




    • Its my pleasure, I can relate to the challenge of connecting to this part of ourselves as I too fimd it challenging yet even in the smallest successful connections you will find the greatest outcome so this is something I continue to push myself towards. As my saying goes… Nothing worth having comes quickly and easily, all good things take perseverance and belief in oneself. So keep searching until the connection finds you🌸


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