Dont be fooled

Don’t be fooled by the outer confidence of anyone, no matter how great their confidence appears to be, they are still only in control of themselves and the world can at any point throw anything at them at any time.

Nobody knows what the future holds and even though confidence in oneself is great, always understand that there is no man that can truly say that he or she will never fail in something. It’s good to know ourselves and to trust ourselves, but always leave room for trial and error because the world is ever changing and our confidence only stands firm in the midst of our ability to adapt as the the change occurs.

They key is not not to lose your confidence, but to gain understanding and allow ourselves room to learn and grow without having an unrealistic expectation of perfection all the time. My admiration is for those that can fall and confidently get up again, not questioning their ability but understanding their ability instead. Don’t think because you fell one time that you can’t do it, instead be determined to keep trying and find the confidence in your ability to learn albeit at the expense of appearing to be perfect. The desire to keep pushing is where I feel confidence truly shows. I know I struggle with this and I write this because I admire those that can try new things and be beginners confidently never being afraid of shame or embarrassment but instead are focused on learning and growing themselves. With their head held high, they push to learn.

Don’t be fooled by those that appear to be perfect, because in a world full of imperfection the only perfection you will find is in the midst of those accepting their imperfections that so many try to hide. Yes we use filters, and makeup, but we also embrace our real true selves and therein is where perfection lies. In understanding that life will throw imperfections at you in the attempt to help you see that the perfection of your being is not in how you appear to be but how you truly are inside at your core, at the essence of your being. That is where perfection lies and that is what we should all be striving to find. The understanding of who we truly are at our core, not just what we look like at the shore.

Love and light



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