Value in Now

I have had to learn to find value in all situations that I face, even the ones I rather not confront. The value in the present moment is irreplaceable, indescribable and just priceless. Why do I say this? Well it’s in the choices that I make right now that point me in the direction of tomorrows now and by not seeing the value in a moment you lose the possibilities of tomorrow.

How can I become the best me that I can be? The answer is simple! By making the right choices for the current moment, for living in that moment fully and for doing the next best thing for now. Whether it means right now you have to have a difficult conversation, or go to the doctor, or just sit on the couch with your loved one and give them moment of your time. It doesn’t matter, because everything you do right now is the build up to what tomorrow will bring, everything you do today nourishes tomorrow or starves tomorrow. It’s all up to us really. If you choose to not do the work in front of you right now, you will have to do it tomorrow or you will have to face the consequences of that choice.

I never really gave it too much thought until now. Or until recently, I knew the theory behind it, and I kind of lived it to a certain extent, but lately I have had to face a few consequences of my yesterdays choices. I have had to deal with difficulties because of the choices I made in the past and I realised that its inevitable that I will answer for my choices, whether good or bad. Every time I chose the TV over my child, I will have to answer for that in the future. Every time I chose to retreat from my dreams out of fear, I have to pay the price of that by living a life forced onto me by my choices. The really good thing though, is that nothing is forever and all these choices that are made, even though they cannot be changed for what they were in the past, because they have already been made, they can be changed for what they are right now, in this moment, you get to decide. The true awakening is in the understanding of the choice you make today when you are faced with yesterdays consequence. Yes you have taken your life in a direction you would rather not have gone in, but here you are. Now what? Do you continue going in the same direction, or do you make a different choice this time and move in the direction better suited to who you are.

Right now I’m choosing to use my time to write this, instead of watching TV. I much rather be here with you than vegging on my couch. I also chose to spend some time with my family before I came and sat down to write, conversations with my mother and my daughter. Investing on our relationships and being present with them instead of living a busy life and just moving around in the same space as them all the time. Relationships can be strengthened and mistakes can be forgiven, if you take the time to mend those broken fences and invest your time into them. The same goes for your career choices, if you have made the wrong choice, the time to change is now. The power is in the choice you make now, today, this moment. Decide on a path and take action. Put a plan into place and then follow through. Yes you may be derailed sometimes and that’s ok because as long as you have the end goal in site the route you take to get there can be altered along the way.

Life is not meant to be predictable. We are not meant to know what tomorrow holds, and that is why the power is in our NOW, There is a book called The Power of Now, I haven’t read it, but I’ve heard of it. I can understand why the author wrote it. It’s taken me a very long time to open my mind to this even though I have carried the knowledge of it with me for the longest time. The hard part is finding the courage to act on our NOW. To believe in our NOW and to be the person we wish to be right NOW. This moment. Don’t wait for tomorrow to be kind, to be loving, to be the better person, to forgive, to be courageous, to believe in your dreams, to set your goals, to free yourself of your past, to put the gloves down and find peace. The time to live is now, the time to create the path to your future is now.

Don’t leave for tomorrow what can be done today, because when tomorrow never comes, you will look back at your life and regret the things you put off for tomorrow and realise that you eventually ran out of time. Our lifeline is not forever. It comes to an end eventually, some of us sooner than later. So NOW is the time to live your life, not tomorrow.

That’s my little piece of the pie for today. Thanks for spending your now with me. As I always tell you, your time is valuable and you being here means the world to me, THANK YOU.

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Love and light



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