Just for Me

Not everything I write gets posted on here because some things are meant to be just for me, and that’s ok. As much as I have decided sharing myself with the world is part of my path in life, that doesn’t mean that I don’t get to keep special moments to myself or crazy moments for that matter.

Sometimes I look at my choices and I look really deep because I need to make sure that I do everything for the right reasons. Attention is never a reason to do anything, I get how it can be what others are looking for, but I have actually looked at the lives of people we call celebrities’ and they really just have no privacy. Living like that cant be easy, and I need to have those things that are just for me, because who wants to be watched ALL THE TIME. ๐Ÿ˜จ

I have always said if my message or my writing reaches and makes a difference in 10 peoples lives then I have accomplished plenty and all the time and effort put into my work was worth it. If my writing or podcast reaches more people then great, but the balance and harmony of my life needs to be maintained for both scenarios. I cannot and will not live according to the expectations of everyone and will always be true to who I am.

So, in saying all of that, I still write just for me, to keep myself in check, to remind myself of who I am and why I had to find my voice and then learn how to share it. I am happy with my growth because me today and me last year… I’m just going to say, WOW! I have grown ALOT, and that’s because of keeping myself in alignment with the tasks I set in front of me and I have done the work. Then I pray and send it to the heavens for it’s blessing.

Success to me is reaching those that need to read what I have to write and those that need to hear what I have to say on the podcast. Success to me is every thank you email, or message of hope and encouragement, Every comment on my blogs and just seeing the hope in the faces of the people around me when they see me push boundaries that they really truly want to push, and just being their example that they don’t have to live in a box and really can pursue their purpose, no matter how crazy everyone around you thinks you are because of it.

So some things are going to be just for me. So that when I do choose to share myself with you , I know that I have put in the right amount of work on myself, to speak authentically and share truth rather than made up stories.

My light shines bright in my world now that I’ve cleaned up so many dark corners in my mind and my heart. So don’t be afraid to do things just for you, yes you have a responsibility to share, but you have a greater responsibility to care for your own well being too. So when I eat my chocolate alone and don’t share… You know why ๐Ÿคฃ

Love and Light


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