Grow and Flow

Learning how to navigate yourself through growth is vital to the outcome you desire at the end of the road. Growth in any form is an uncomfortable process and the discomfort is universal not selective.

Nobody can escape growth. The life of a human from birth to death is a continuous cycle of growth spurts whether they be physical growth, emotional growth or spiritual growth. We are all growing, everyday whether we want to or not. I’ve recently been focused on the concept creating a natural flow of all things that come into my life and things that leave. I have found that breathing deeply and stopping to assess why anxiety creeps in at the thought of losing something or someone has assisted me in grasping the Law of perpetual motion. Consistent movement of all things, everything must flow naturally and holding onto anything and trying to resist its natural flow into your life and out of your life creates anxiety. Imagine trying to stay a child, when its inevitable that you grow into an adult. you cant stop it, the change must happen. Its the same with everything else, good things will flow into your life, but they will not stay there forever, they need to move on to create space for more to flow, if you hold onto too many things you will not have space for the new arrivals that are promised to your life.

I know we are all in difference phases in our lives, and not everyone wants to be where I am and not everyone is interested in what I have to say, and that’s ok, because imagine me trying to share my stories with a child who really just wants to play. They are not ready for stories about emotional growth or even physical growth. The same applies to adults, depending on what phase they are in their lives they will either be open to learning or not. I’m not saying I’m the teacher, I just mean open to learning in general. Some people close themselves off to new information and just write it off as ridiculous without even having a full understanding of why they feel that way. Its just a matter of discomfort and so they will not indulge. Some people are just unteachable. I used to be a stubborn person too that heard but didn’t really listen and absorb messages. I see the value now of trying things in different ways, even if it makes you feel ridiculous, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you learn something from the experience. you can learn that you never wish to do that again with whatever reasons or that it was the best thing you could have ever tried. The key is being open to the experience and to allow yourself the space to engage in the unknown so you can grow.

We have to grow, it’s not something we have control over. It’s like the sun will rise on the East and set on the West, so too will all living things change and evolve as each day passes. I love planting seeds and watching them grow. The time it takes to break through the soil varies with each different plant. I cannot see what’s happening underneath the soil but I know something is happening because with care and patience, soon enough a little plant will emerge through that soil and it will grow. Like every living thing cells will multiply and growth will happen. Rain will come, sun will come and wind will also come. Too much of any of those things will cause damage to the plant. Imagine that plant had the ability to hold onto the sun because it felt so good, it wouldn’t get any rain or vice versa too much rain and no sun will kill the plant. This is what we as humans do to ourselves when we hold onto things that are meant to be seasonal in our lives. As we plant the seeds of all things that will grow in our lives we need to let the flow of life happen naturally remembering that holding onto anything past its expiration date for our lives will be detrimental to our growth process.

Live your life freely, allowing the natural flow of energy to enter and exit your experience as it needs to for your optimal growth and development in all aspects of your life.

Love and light




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