Leave it Behind

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Being such a sentimental person, I tend to hold onto things that once meant something to me or remind me of a time in the very distant past. I had a dream the other night and in my dream I was desperately trying to take everything I owned with me to my new destination. I was so desperate that it got me to a state of panic and it actually held me back from reaching my destination on time. I woke up in such a state because as we all know dreams sometimes feel like they are happening in the now.

My dream was a catalyst in shifting my focus in the last few days. I have meditated and journaled on everything that I’ve been holding onto and tried to figure out what my deal was and what this habit is all about. I realised that I kept little things that remind me of happier times because I’ve lost so much in my life. I think this is ok, remembering is a good thing especially when we have lost loved ones. My problem comes in when I look at the bigger picture and I see how holding onto little things have led to subconsciously holding onto bigger things. I struggle to let go sometimes to items that no longer serve a purpose in my life. I know I should leave them behind but for some reason I just haven’t. I have carted them with me from place to place as I move my life around and I see now that I have to finally free myself of this excess weight I am carrying.

An important key to me moving forward is letting go of dead weight and starting over. Making space for new beginnings by removing old ways , habits and materialistic things. I know that this task that I have given myself will be a daunting one, but it is so necessary. I am not valued by my material things, I am not measured by what I own and I need to not hold on so tightly.

My life is slowly changing for the better, I see it and it excites me. But I have to understand that in order to get the momentum going I have to cut off all that’s holding me back. Old feelings, emotions, relationships, and old habits. I can’t be who I used to be if I want to be free because who I used to be was caged in by the opinions and thoughts of others.

I believe that everything is in its place. I need these struggles to prepare me for what’s to come. I know that with great accomplishment comes a greater responsibility and I need to be able to handle what I have now, before I can take on more, but I also have to let go of old ways to make way for the more that I am working so hard for.

My wish for you is that you too can see how necessary it is to let go of old ways and old habits. Allow yourself to shed the past and embrace the now in order to build a bigger brighter future.

Love and Light

Tammy – Lynn Murphy



  1. Kudos on your willingness to examine your life, see where you can improve, and let go of what doesn’t serve you. I’m glad your life is getting better Tammy. 🧡 Living simply helps me remember what’s important, although I still find distractions and ways to keep from following my dreams.

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