Mastering Me!

Education is so important right? It’s importance has been repeatedly highlighted in my life and I absolutely agree. It is vital to our very survival. However I think the education that you are thinking of and what I am thinking of are completely different.

I have friends with degrees that are struggling emotionally. I have friends with doctorates who have no idea who they truly are and are miserable. Whats my point? Educating yourself is vital. But dont you think the education should be directed towards mastering the art of you first, before even trying to master someone elses art? Someone elses information?

I have seen people rise from nothing with no education because they decided that they are valuable enough to learn. So they learnt themselves and became a goldmine of wealth. Not money… WEALTH. I get it, you have to love yourself enough to take a chance on you. You have to know yourself enough to value what you have to offer this world. I get it, I really do. But it isn’t easy! Learning yourself IS NOT EASY. When you learn to master you, there is no more hiding, no more pretending, and certainly no more self hate. It’s like opening pandoras box and letting everything out knowing that your world as you know it will be turned upside down and exposed.

It’s scary, it really is, and I really can relate to those that never find the courage to push through the fear. I know that for years now I’ve started and gradually found my way back to my comfort zone. Thankfully my connection to God and nature always nudges me when I’m too far off track, and after every start that I never see through, a seed gets planted and every time I try again that seed gets watered. So for me it’s taking longer than I feel it should take, but I completely understand why. This shit is scary and who am I kidding, I was never going to tackle this in a day… It’s been years already and I have never shyed away from growing myself just a little bit every chance I get and over the years when I look back, I am a completely different person now than I was 5 years ago. If I look back 10 years ago I can genuinely say WOW, I have transformed into a completely different human. Positively transformed.

I know I have a long way to go, but what I realise is that this journey will only end once I take my last breath. Until then every day is a learning day. Every day I get to learn about me as much as I give myself permission to, and every day I will be different in some way, every day we change. We are never the same person when we go to sleep at night that we were when we woke up that morning. Our body has changed, our mind has new information, our hair has fallen out or we have met a new person that has made even the tiniest impact on us. Whatever it is that you do every day, changes you. Transforms you. Even if we dont want it to, we dont have a choice.

For me, it’s how much to I want to grow each day? What can I do to make positive enhancements. How do I find what’s blocking me from complete freedom and then once I find that how do I completely remove that blockage. Do I have all the answers? Absolutely not, but I do have the right questions and that will lead me to my answers, eventually.

Every day I make a conscious effort to learn more about myself, to love myself more and to be more gentle with myself. Every day I wake up greatful for another chance, and I am taking a small step every day towards my dreams. Nothing will happen over night, One small step each day towards mastering who I am and then taking myself to the highest point and flying.

I think the most important relationships you will have is with God and with yourself. But that’s just my opinion, that’s my truth, that’s what works for me. Because I believe once I can fill my cup and it runs over, then I can start filling yours. But how can I even begin to help you when I’m not even trying to help myself.

Self mastery is key, self love is vital and everything else will flow from there.

Love and light




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