Decide who you are

The concept of being has popped up alot for me and I really believe in signs and messages being sent to you and have learnt to listen when they pop up. It all started with this little lady in her yoga pose with the quote “STRESS is who you think you should be, PEACE is who you are”.

This meme sat with me for the longest time, stuck in my brain. Mostly because I’ve been so stressed lately and this made me realise it’s because I’m fighting with myself again to be who I am not. It’s the pressure of life that gets pushed on you and takes over, because lets be real, UNLESS YOU ARE LOADED WITH CASH THE REALITY IS THAT YOU HAVE TO DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO TO GET TO WHERE YOU WANT TO BE.

So here I am, doing what I have to do, to get things done and once again in the process, ‘who I am’ gets left in the shadows because, where is the time? Yes, I saw that tik tok that says “if you not working 60 hour weeks then you dont get to complain about being broke” I mean sure , I hear you , it’s necessary to put in the extra hours when you have a dream. My question here is at what cost? How much will these 60 hours of work cost you? When are you actually taking time for you? What about the kids? Who’s playing that role? I guess his little rant actually was for single people who sit on the couch and are lazy but plead poverty… Because what kind of an existence is just slaving away for money? Where is the fulfillment in having all the money in the world at the cost of you loved ones? Maybe it’s just me that prioritises love and family over money. πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§

I digress. So peace is who you are. The question I ask myself regularly is, “who am I?” and it changes as I grow. Because I am not a role to play or a job description. I am so much more and my peace stems from me being connected to who I truly am at the core of me. Is it not amazing that when you drift away from who you are it creates all sorts of stress and frustration. How in the battle between who you are and who you think you should be for the world, there are so many wounds and there will be tears, so many tears. It’s not an easy fight, it’s a battle between good and evil, right and wrong or even light and darkness. Knowing who you truly are is coming out of the dark into light and that is never an easy path. You will need more than physical an emotional strength to over come it, you will need spiritual strength too. It’s a battle of the mind, what it’s used to clings with dear life to stay and avoid changing to what it needs to be. Planting new seeds in your mind in the midst of all the bushes that have already set their roots there, is a daunting task, but not impossible. We are strong in spirit and we can push through all these obstacles that hold us back from truly living.

The next thing to nugde me was the picture below which popped up in my facebook memories not long after the first meme. This one says “you attract what you are, not what you want. If you want great, be great” This was a little more of a push than a nudge who am I klidding?

The law of attraction is something I havent really actually given thought to for a while. I mean I know it’s there and I practice a few concepts but I havent actually thought about it for a very long time. So seeing this, after our little yoga princess thatI spoke about earlier, really hit home. My message was clear, that I need to focus on who I am more. Who I truly am , and not let the distractions of life take me off that path. Because if you attract who you are then surely that should be the number one focus? If you want to attract love, then be love. If you want to attract peace then be peaceful. If you want joy then be joyful. I mean what really matters are these things, if you do what you truly love then money wont be your focus, yes we need it to survive so we can ignore it, but if can’t be the reason for your life. You have to want more, you have to be more especially if you want to attract more.

Maybe I am just rambling again, but this is where my heart lies this week. This is what I am focusing on. I think it’s important to spend some time with just you every day, and get to know what feels right and what feels wrong. You are in control of your thoughts, you have to be the one to change their patterns. Nobody can save you from yourself, you have to learn how to be your own best friend, before you can be anyone elses.

Love and light




  1. You are looking gorgeous and happy in all the three pics Tammy. And that means you are on the right path.

    Am fully with you. Please do read my simple but powerful book: 4 Pillars of Abundant Life. It would strengthen your ideas and might give you some new ideas.

    Money never did and never would be able to buy happiness πŸ˜‡

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