My Sunday Reflections

I always like to take some time, when I’m not frantically trying to balance everything life throws at me, to reflect on where I’m at in the greater scheme of my life.

Today I feel blessed to be here and to have my beautiful child with me. We are happy, healthy and whole.

I’m grateful to have been given all the opportunities that have come my way. Whether I have made use of them or not, they all play a part in the growth process of me. I may say no to many things, but those things do fall in alignment with who I am. I have learnt along the way that if it doesnt feel right, then it probably isnt. Listening to my intuition has been something I have been working on, because 9 times out of 10 , when I ignore it, I regret it.

So much has found it way into my life, and so much has left. Nonetheless, as things or people leave, the gap is always filled with more. This makes me OK with not holding on too tightly to what is not mine to hold onto, because I know that the more freedom I give to the movement of things and people around me, the less stress I have. If it’s gotta go, then great and if its gonna grow then yay.

So this Sunday morning, I am taking time to set my heart, my mind and my body for a new week. I’m taking the time to just be who I am. To just do what flows for me.

I wish you all a blessed week ahead.

Love and light




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