It’s good to be alive

After a few weeks of staying in a bubble and healing a few things that needed healing, I stepped out into the world and let some people in again. What I realised is this; the people that actually love me are never really going to stop, and the people that don’t, don’t have to, and thats ok. It doesn’t change who I am, it only changes the experience they have with me. I do have so many great people around me, and it’s good to know that no matter how much time I need for myself, that they will be there when I’m through.

I’ve shifted my focus from absorbing all the drama around me to instead absorb the positive energy around me and not pay attention to the drama. The reality of life is that there will always be some type of challenge, especially when you live in a country that thrives off drama. So it’s best to stay out of the way, especially when things don’t directly concern you anymore. Just because it’s all around you doesnt make it yours. Let the people in that situation deal with their mess, after all they are the ones that created it. You can’t save everyone, but you can live in your best light and do what you can with what you have. Keeping in mind that if it hurts you then it’s not for you. Let these things go.

I’m happy to have found my balance again, back to just doing whats right for me. I know helping people is whats right for me, but I’ve had to learn that you cannot help those that don’t want to be helped. I can only plant seeds of thought and wait for them to be ready, if ever, and that’s ok too. There are so many that have shown me through expression the importance of my work and have shown appreciation and a need for it. This alone pushes me to want to be at my best. If what I do helps just one person to see that they are not alone and that they can break free of the chains they have around themselves, then I have succeeded.

Life will be good if you focus on the good. It will be bad if you focus on the bad. I choose to live in joy, peace and love for as long as I breathe and in order to accomplish these things I will have to keep my primary focus on them.

I hope you all have an amazing week ahead and that you find your focus and keep your eyes on the prize.

Love and light


Dont forget to click on the spotify link to listen to the podcast for this episode, lets get to know each other better!



  1. So positive and uplifting!! Hats-off for finding back your balance and getting focused again..

    Life, It’s an ocean.. you can’t stop the waves coming bt you can gear up to face it!

    Wonderful ❤️

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    • When you express yourself wholeheartedly depression has no place, because you embrace everything and nothing is kept inside 🌸 writing is very good therapy for the soul.

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