Ready to grow

There’s a dark cloud that hovers over me, I feel like it’s reminding me that we must embrace all seasons in our lives. I can’t just be a ray of sunshine at all times. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not unhappy… I’m also not sad. I’m just in a place where I feel the heaviness of everything that surrounds me and I’m trying my best not to absorb it.

It’s almost like I’m in the process of change, and right now im breaking through some walls that are trying to close me in. I look to my left and I see sadness, I look to my right and I see pain. When I look back I remember what it was like for me when I was in that phase of loss, of sadness and of pain and I know that it’s tough for those that have to endure it.

I’ve distanced myself from everything I feel is weighing me down, everything that I’m unsure of and everything that creates confusion. I’m looking ahead because if I look in any other direction I’m getting pulled into what doesn’t belong to me. I have to focus on looking ahead, I have to focus on moving in a forward direction. I can’t let the weight of my distractions hold me back anymore.

I’m in a place of quiet, where I’m leaning on the peace I have within. A place of separation, where I go to prepare myself for greater things to come. A place of calm I go to, before making huge choices and adjustments. A place to calm my uneasiness, to quieten fear, and to remember that I am ready for whatever comes.

I am ready for this next step. I know I have all that I need to succeed.

Love and light