Life’s miracle

Just the fact that you are reading this now, breathing, living and sharing your time with me is a miracle on its own. Since you took your first breath, your options became limitless. I know we are all born into different situations, some more comfortable than others, but we all are born equally and we die equally. We arrive with everything that we need to thrive built inside of us, and how we live our lives in the choices that we make determines whether we use that potential or not before we die.

The simple truth is, we will all die. That’s a fact. The question is, how will we live? Do we face each day with a hope and desire to be everything that we can be on that day? Or do we face each day tired of our very existence, not even trying to create a life that fulfills our hopes and our dreams.

I wish it wasn’t as difficult as it is. I wish we were all born into healthy circumstances, but we are not. Some are born with more, and that is the reality…but the more I refer to here is man made more. Spiritually we are all equal. There is no man that has a richer or poorer soul when he or she arrives on earth. We are all born helpless, we are all born dependant and we grow into the circumstances presented to us by the world.

The good part is, wealth does not equate to worldly riches. I know some of the happiest and kindest people that live very modest lives. Yes they work harder than the rich but they have more love, family and peace. I’m not saying the rich cannot have these things, but I do know that with money and power comes responsibility and that responsibilty sometimes drives the rich or wealthy into a place of sadness and depression.

Wealth is not only money though, it’s not measured by how much cash you have or how much you are worth. Wealth is relative to the person and the situation you are born into. You can be rich in love, or in community. You can be rich with kindness and peace. The gifts of life are not the same as the gifts of the world. It’s sad how the gifts that life has to offer are so often ignore in order to find wealth in worldy terms. Where peace is sacrificed for money and family is sacrificed for fancy cars or bigger houses. One can use the excuse that you are doing it so your family can have a better life. But ask yourself at what expense. What are you losing in the hopes of gaining the world.

I know we all have bills to pay and yes man has created a world where money has become the currency of the value of the life you live, because if you don’t have it then you cannot eat and you cannot survive. Gone are the days when we lived in the wild and hunted for our food, we have created what they call civilisation but what I call a system of control. Where the so called leaders of a land get to control the masses. I get that in todays world rules are needed or chaos will destroy us. We are not built for the wild anymore, the leaders of the past have seen to it that we have become lazy and we have become dependant. But who should we actually depend on? Why have we taken our eyes off the prize. Life is the prize, we are the prize. each and every one of us has the potential to create a world for ourselves that we envision, but we choose to feed our minds with seeds of helplessness.

Honestly speaking, if governments all fell tomorrow, there would be chaos. We would literally go wild. Think about how the stories of the past are told. it was brutal. If you were weak you died. Very quickly. Only the strong survived, or the protected. We have created a system that makes the strong stronger and the weak weaker, but instead of killing them off like before they are protected by laws and instead used as labourers. Slavery hasnt really ended, it has only evolved and changed it’s face. I see how the poor are struggling, they work for practically nothing and are forced to work longer hours and push harder for the little that they recieve. They are enslaved in a system that benefits from their labour and in return they get barely enough in the form of wages to feed themselves.

We are all a result of our birth place, our birth family and our birth circumstances. The seeds that are sown in our minds in early development come from these places. It takes strentgh and persistence to break free of the only thing you know, the only way of life you know. It also takes vision, so if you dont know that better exists, how do you envision it? This is why I have my rule: Once you know better it’s your duty to do better. Not only for yourself but for future generations.

The truth is, there is not much we can do to shift the imbalance of the human race in general, but there is so much we can do to create around ourselves what we envision to be better. My daughter asked me this morning why I greeted a security guard walking on the road. I simply said, I see him every day so I say hello, because I choose to be friendly face for him in his 12 hour shift of watching and keeping the people in those homes as safe as one person can. I try to create around me a world where I am not the reason people feel doom and gloom. When I walk into a place or a space they are not cringing at the sight of me and saying “oh gosh shes back.” I’m not saying I’m a walking ray of sunshine all the time, but I defiantely try to be aware of the energy that I bring into a space.

I was given this one life to live. It’s my miracle. It’s my life. Everything I do as a functioning adult is on me. The gift was given to me and coming from a place where I was once someone who didnt see more for myself until I dug a hole so deep that I realised I was burying myself alive. I still had breath in me but I was dead inside. Simply because I chose to see the dark in me, I chose to focus on the pain and I chose to numb my emotions. I’ve been told many times before that the great thing about hitting rock bottom is that you have nowhere else to go but up. Right? But you can also just stay there until you die. Which is what many people do. They stay at the bottom, stir in their circumstances and then they die. either by their own hand or by their choices or by the hands of fate. I see it happening too often, young people are taken by drugs, they find love in places that lead them to their death, sometimes a physical death but mostly a spiritual death. Have you ever felt dead inside? Have you ever felt so numb that you feel nothing for nobody. The sad reality of life is that this is actually the reality of life.

Very few find their way out. Very few get to see the brighter side of life. The side we should never die without seeing. Very few people actually get to live their lives with intention. They dont know how and some never will discover the beauty of life. The sun will rise every day and they wont even notice or care. To them it’s another day to get through. There’s no gift involved, just struggle and pain. Theres no place for beauty when you are in survival mode. You simply claw at the only life you know holding onto whatever you can and whoever gets in your way pays the price. The gift of life is taken away, the beauty of life invisible. It cannot be seen or heard. Nothing can save them but themselves.

But when you know better you have to do better. Right? And when you have the seeds to plant, you should plant them. If you can turn 1 life around, is it not your duty as living being to do that? If you turn your back on life, life will turn its back on you. If you have found your peace and your gift then it is your duty to share your journey, to enlighten those that havent yet found their way. You have to use your light to shine through their darkness. Yes, its a burden not many want to bare, but it’s a burden that we must bare. It’s our duty to sow the seeds of light in to the hearts of those that live in darkness. It’s our duty to use our gift of vision to help those that cannot see to learn how to create pictures in their minds.

If life has given you a chance to live a better, brighter day, then in return you should give back to life a chance to shine in the hearts of those that live in darkness and pain. I’ll repeat myself… If you turn your back on life, then life will turn her back on you. Everything you have can be gone tomorrow so use it to its potential now.

Life is a gift, given to all those those that breathe. In spirit we are all the same, our value does not differ. No life has less value than another. We are all equally born and we will all equally die. So why are we here? If not to search for everything we can become, to find ourselves and to help others find themselves along the way. I dont believe that anyone truly knows what they are doing, but we follow what we have been given in the form of feeling, of instinct of life. If it feels right, the chances are it is, and if itss feel wrong, the chances are… it is. listen to yourself, listen to your inner voice, the one that whispers truth, the one that comes naturally, the one that guides towards peace, love and light.




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