Finding my way

Consistency is key to many things, it’s also something I seem to struggle with… Honestly I get bored when things are too consistent.

I want to be fit, and I normally can push myself enough to make a difference, but then I get bored, I always need to be changing things up for me to stay engaged. Anyway, this piece is about how everyone keeps preaching consistency to me and all I hear when they do BOOOORING!

I love to have a morning routine, yes, but I change it up all the time because if there isn’t something new and exciting to look forward to once I’ve gotten the hang of an exercise then I find myself shying away. This is where discipline kicks in right? Because when we are not motivated we must be disciplined… and I agree you should, you must be disciplined in order to push past many hurdles. But what if you are like me… I lack discipline, I like variety and I hate too much repetition, it bores me. Especially if it’s up to me to push myself to do these mundane tasks.

However, I will engage in a repetitive activity if someone is pushing me. So I’m one of those people that must have a person checking if I did it, when I’m doing it and pushing me to do better. Especially if the task requires repetition for a period longer than a month.

I wish I could find a way to be more consistent with my writing. I do write every chance I get, but I don’t really get many chances at the moment. I used to do 5am wake up and write for an hour , but now my teen is in high school and I’m already fussing about at 5am. I want to be consistent with this, I need to be, but how do I juggle a 9 to 5, a high school teenager, keeping a house together on my own and finding time to consistently do the things I love. I haven’t created a new episode for my podcast http://http//; in 2 weeks and I really want to give it more energy because I have so much fun doing them, but it is so time consuming. I’ve decided to work on creating a schedule that will work for me and I’m going to do my best to make it doable so that I can follow through for more than 4 weeks. I think the key here is to keep changing it up.

I am just taking these ”love” tasks one step at a time. I call them my love tasks because I genuinely love them, They bring me joy and I feel fulfilled when I hit send and I see the fruits of my labour growing and bearing fruit of it’s own.

My question to all the bloggers and podcasters out there is, “Where do you find the time? Is this your full time gig and if not, how do you juggle this and life? Does it get easier in time or will I eventually have to choose?

Lets hope it all works out in the end. I guess I’ve reached a point where I know better now, so I have to do better… Doing is always the hardest part. But I have a good feeling and I think that great things lie ahead. Wish me luck❀❀

Love and Light




  1. Huge congrats to you for managing to balance so many commitments alongside your writing! πŸ˜€ It sure is incredibly fulfilling seeing your work get more exposure. ❀
    Personally I found that doing regular weekly blogging (and only weekly) means I can prep for it on one set day & leave aside the other six days for everything else.

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  2. I admire that you can juggle working, parenting, self care, writing and more. It can be a challenge. Maybe decide which are the most important things and maybe you can post less often. I’ve pulled back to once a week from 2-3 times. And with exercise I blend variety into my commitment to keep active with hiking, walking, biking, home exercise, and more. Do what you can Tammy.

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  3. Hi Tammy, I love this blog post! I find it difficult as well to have the consistency to write my blog post. My daily life of juggling a 16 year old, two dogs whom are like kids, working, and working on a MSW (Wheee). However, I find the time to write articles that are meaningful and don’t necessarily worry about how often I write. I would rather have meaningful content then just a tons of writing that is not reaching one single person. Also, I was just reading recently when people are busy but would like to do similar things, they should partner up with someone. So, I think maybe a guest writer on the blog, and a guest on the podcast (hint). Tammy I would love to enter the world of podcasting let’s get together to discuss some like topics πŸ™‚

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