The simple truth

The simple truth is that I am not in the most creative space I’ve ever been in right now. I am pushing boundaries and they are pushing back. I have found myself in a place of weakness because when you let others control your state of mind that is what happens.

The simple truth is that I am floating in the middle, of where I used to be and where I want to be. Holding onto things and people that are nothing but weights holding me down.

The simple truth is that as hard as it is to let go, it’s definately time. I’ve done all that I could and letting go is always better than holding on to things you cannot control.

The simple truth is that I have changed, and now I need to go where my heart leads me, where the pain of the past and the things that didnt last, no longer have a place.

The simple truth is that nothing lasts forever, people change, situations too, everything either evolves and grows or fades away into the distance.

The simple truth is nobody actually knows for sure, they just doing the best they can with what they have and even though some have more than others, they too are winging it.

The simple truth is all I want is to be who I truly am inside and to break free of the things that hold me back, to live an authentic life and see my dreams become a reality.

The simple truth is its all going to end, and all we can do is live for now and hope that in this moment we matter and you matter. That everything we do matters and that it leaves a mark on this world, for the better. That we give more than we take and that we actually live before its our time die.

The simple truth is, we are all going to die… but why focus on the end when theres so much life to live.

The simple truth is, there are no right choices or wrong choices. There are simply choices , and with each one we will either face the penalties of our actions or be rewarded for them.

The simple truth is, its always your choice…

Love and light


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