Natural beauty

Last night I was in awe of the moon, it was so beautiful and there was a ring of light around it. I didnt capture it on a photograph but its definately been captured in my mind. I was thankful for the chance to get to imprint that image in my mind.

Today as I watched the sun rise, my mind wondered into the realm of natural beauty. I call it a realm because it almost feels like an alternate universe. Where the beauty of life is marvelled apon. Where our natural being is celebrated. The sun rose without any need for a filter, as it always does and it boasted all of it’s power to the world without needing any interference.

Two days ago I found a praying mantis that looked like a flower. At first I was confused because that particular cactus that it sat on had never flowered before, well not that I know of. So my curious nature made me get closer to have a look and I found thais little guy, in all of his wonder, just sitting there looking like a flower. showing off his beauty, again without needing any type of filter to be beautiful.

It makes me think on what we have turned the world into. Where nature once flourished , we build cities and we have turned ourselves into everything that we are not. Both on the inside and the outside. Look, I have no issues with making ourselves into what we percieve to be beautiful. I may not be an everyday make up person but I definately love having a reason to dress up and put on the full disguise of outer beauty to make up for the things on myself that I percieve to be lacking.

Then I look at the world and I feel as though it was created with perfection, the trees, the animals, the seasons, and even us humans. Look how beautifully it all manifested itself to be. But insecurity only crept up in us, humans. We can’t accept things as they are, for some reason we need them to be better and in an attempt to make everything better, we are destroying the natural wonder around us.

Again, I am not wanting to live in a forest with no running water and electricity for the rest of my days, I too am accustomed to the priviledges that us humans have given to ourselves. Warm baths in the comfort of our beautifully built homes. Light and warmth created to keep us cosy and safe in the dark of night and the cold of winter.

It almost seems like we are the only living beings that need all these extras to be happy and to survive. We are the softest of the creations from what I see. Every other animal is able to burrow, or use nature to build shelter. Birds have their nests and they survive the winter by moving away from it. Every animal has a natural instict for survival and none of it involves destroying nature or altering themselves.

It makes me sad to see how we look for everything that we are not in order to be happy. It makes me look deeper into myself to try and find that thing that makes me want to be flawless, which we can never be. I think that there is beauty in embracing your flaws. I think we should ask ourselves if they are even flaws, or are they just made out to be by the perceptions of others.

Why are human beings never happy with what we have? Why do we always want more? No matter the price, no matter the risk, we just always want more. We are not happy with our natural beauty, we are not happy with our natural surroundings and we certainly are not happy when we cannot control as much as we possibly can.

Today my heart is in awe of the beauty that surrounds me, and when I look at the rising sun, boasting in all of its glory, I wonder if I will ever get to that point where I too can be free of all insecurity and just be me. Never having to hide who I am for the comfort of others, or change what I look like for my perception of beauty to be realised.

Love and light


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  1. These are difficult questions that I have spent much time pondering yet still don’t have good answers why we seem to eternally want and strive for more, at the detriment to ourselves and nature. Some of it is manufactured by corporations marketing and training us into lives of consumption. Meanwhile, we can step back, live more simply, and appreciate the beauty of nature. In gratitude, our perspective changes, where we can see the beauty and feel the awe and connection. To living in awe…

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