Close the door

The concept of a door is an interesting one, we created it to give us some form of privacy, so people on the outside cannot see what is happening behind the closed door. It’s not always a solid structure, sometimes just a curtain or a zip to close a tent. It’s made me think on the different levels of privacy we need and why.

Why does the concept of a closed door seem so excluding to the one on the outside and safe to the one on the inside. Why do we close the door on things and people so easily in life nowadays. Are we on the right path as we make these exclusions or is this the biggest problem we have yet?

Closing a door can have so many meanings. It is almost the end of a thing or situation, a separation of the thing /person on the outside from the thing/person on the inside. What is it about human nature that makes us want to see whats inside every closed door? We want to know why its closed. whats happening in there and even when it will open again? Sometimes we do what it takes to get inside and we find out, that it wasn”t the brightest idea to open the door because now it won’t close, and we dont want whatever is inside getting out! We spend way to much time trying to contain situations that would have been just fine if we left that door closed, but its human nature to want to see, to want to know. We just cant help ourselves.

The alternative to this scenario though is a closed door that we want to open because what we want is inside and we need to get to it. Then do we knock politely until the door is opened or do we just open it and walk in uninvited?

My biggest question is… Why does there even have to be a door? Why is everything a secret? We hide our shame so well that we dont even have to have a physical door anymore to hide. It’s become metaphorical now. We let in who we want we keep out who we want. We poke our noses were it doesn’t belong and the favour is always returned by people poking their noses where it doesnt belong in your life.

Close the door they keep saying? But can we really ever close any doors forever? We certainly do try, but are we winning at this game of doors. Let them in, open the door… kick them out, close the door! Access control. It’s all about power in my opinion. The power to be in control, to know more, to have more to be more powerful than the rest. It’s a human game, wild animals dont need to hide to be themselves. They mate out in the open, they hunt without shame, they live free of any guilt about living their best lives out in the open.

Human beings however. We need to hide. We need secrets. We see power in the act of control and I dont know how I feel about this. Because as I’ve written before, nobody can truly be controlled if they decide that they are not controllable. We have more to us, we want more than just survival. We want to control not only our doors but as many outside doors that we can. It makes us feel powerful, It gives us a shameful high, that makes it necessary for us to hide behind a closed door so nobody can see who we truly are. So nobody will know what we did when they were not looking. We close the door to keep us safe from what we percieve as danger. The problem is, that not all doors are safe and sometimes even the strongest lock can be broken and our secrets can be let out, What then, when we are exposed for who and what we are for the world to see? What then do we do with the shame that we have tried to hide for as long as we remember. This is where the challenge comes in. The challenge to live in the light, the challenge to open the door and embrace who you are and what you have done. The challenge to never be afraid of what’s behind another door because you know that you have no shame as you have embraced everything that is you and everything that is not. That no matter what they try to throw at you, nothing can push you into the darkness because your light shines so brighly and your shame is no more and your proverbial door is no longer there to hide you but rather to help you keep out the bad and keep in the good.

Knock and the door shall be opened he said, seek and you will find.

Love and Light


Logo by Ciaran Prince


      • In the beginning I wrote my about section in a simple way. I think it should be more clear.
        β€œ People should understand and aware of the things β€˜ Why I Write?’ ”.

        I have also a good collection of thoughts.

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      • Yes understanding why is just human nature, we almost always want to know why.
        I can tell that you have a great collection of thoughts… I lool forward to watch you unravel them and share them with the world 😁

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    • Thank you for loving my logo… Its so special to me 😊 Monday was actually great, the week has begun on a vert positive note. Hope the rest of the week is a great one for you 🌸


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