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I value my employment. While I continue to grow my gifts and find ways to fulfill my dreams I have work that sustains me and keeps me afloat financially. Sometimes I have to push myself through the feeling of not wanting to do a thing because it doesn’t come naturally to me, but in the end, just because it isn’t easy, doesn’t mean that I cannot do it.

I’ve complained alot about being controlled and having to answer to people with regards to work. Today I’m grateful to get to go the office and make my contribution to the company that employs me. I am grateful to have the ability to pay my bills while at the same time I get to persue my passion.

I know it’s not forever, but every step I take leads me to a brighter future. Acknowledging the importance of the phase that I’m in, where I have had to humble myself and realise that I am blessed even though sometimes it’s tough. I have had to change my perspective from “I hate this” to “it’s not forever” and I’m learning how to move through difficult spaces. I feel like I am being prepared for greater things and I have been blessed with employers that dont see me as just a number but as a human being and a single mother working her way through life. I have caring employers, I have more than most and I choose to stop complaining and to see the reality of my situation. That I am here to serve, and every service should be done to the best of my ability without complaint because it is a part of the journey taking me to great places that I am yet to even imagine.

So I have learnt that even though I struggle sometimes, I have to discipline myself to push through and funny enough it’s tough in that moment, but once the difficulty has subsided I get a feeling of accomplishment when a goal has been reached. I definately struggle with discipline, but I do push myself to be the best I can be in all aspects of my life, and where I lack enjoyment, thats where some discipline along with determination pushes me through.

Nothing is forever, so while I’m here I may as well enjoy the ride and push these limits with a smile on my face.

Love and light


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