Writing is life

There are so many things that I HAVE to do in this life, writing is NOT one of them. I write because I want to. I write because when I don’t the world gets heavy and everything around me becomes a rollercoaster ride of things that I HAVE to do. I love to write, I want to write, because to me it’s like breathing and without it I will most likely die inside.

That feeling of turning my thoughts into reality and creating a vision that I can physically see with my eyes. The feeling of transferring the energy from my body through this keyboard or a pen onto somthing tangible is where my peace lies. I’m a child of words and thoughts and as I have grown so has my ability to see myself clearly through the vision that I have created for my own life.

I write because it sets me free from the prisons that I once held myself captive in. It reminds me of who I was before, who I am now and who I envision myself to be one day. When my thoughts become words they become reality and when thoughts become reality then actions become easier and goals get closer. I know that if I dont set my thoughs free they will dissapear and I will have lost that moment, that idea or that feeling and that chance to share will be lost forever.

I know that writing is not for everyone, nor is reading, but we all have that one thing that comes to us as easily as taking a breath. We can do it without blinking and without thinking. My one thing is my writing, what is yours? What comes to you as easily as breathing, what sets your spirit free and makes you feel whole?

My wish for you is that you find that one thing, that feels like the very air that you breathe and gives you life every time you do it. My wish for you is that you try new things until you find what you are looking for and when you do, you will know because when you start experiencing your gift wholeheartedly, you wont be able to live your best life without it and you will always feel like somethings missing if you stop. So do the thing that lights you up, fill your soul with joy by being true to who you are and live your life with the peace that comes with a greater understanding of all things that you learn and acquire in life.

Love and Light


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  1. This was a pleasure to read! Writing’s really improved my own self-confidence & your reasons for continuing it really resonated with me – it’s a great way of working through rough patches and lifting any worries I might have. 🌷
    Fantastically expressed, Tammy!

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