In it’s time

I wish I knew a little more,

of what this world has in store.

Not only for me but also you…

Isn’t it all just a little blue?

To have to wait for everything,

even if it’s going to sting.

The good, the bad,

the happy, the sad,

they all must wait

to discover their fate.

I’m just a little tired now,

but strength will come someway, somehow.

I know that when I look away,

thats when it will finally display,

all the wonder that it holds,

this life of ours as it slowly unfolds.

Love and light


Logo design by Ciaran Prince


  1. Gorgeous words here! Great blend of uncertainty for the future ahead and simply heading wherever the wind leads you, cherishing each new experience. Lovely positive take on it! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Is that not where all learning begins? At the basics? Before you walk you must learn how to crawl. If you skip the basics you put yourself at the disadvantage of not having a solid foundation. At least in my opinion.


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