Building bridges

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What is a bridge? A structure that connects one point to another for different reasons, but mostly for people to cross over easily. I have loved bridges for the longest time, I am drawn to them so much and I had no idea why. I’ve been in awe of their strength and sometimes beauty since I was a teenager. How does it hold so much weight, who thought of building the first bridge, I mean that first person that threw a log over a river to walk over it. bridges for me just hold so much meaning and importance.

I guess I’ve been building bridges my entire life, I just didnt know it. Finding ways to move over obstacles that I want to avoid. My bridges are not physical of course, they are metaphorical bridges. “Build a bridge” is another way of saying ‘get over it’. The sad truth is that building a bridge takes time and effort especially if the thing you need to get over is bigger than the average obstacle.

I have had to get over heart break, losing friends, being used, divorce and so many other things that have tried to hold me back. I have built so many bridges that it sometimes feels like I am a dam bridge. I have learn’t though, that sometimes we need to swim across the river to get to the other side, and face the challenges that comes our way, even if we can build a bridge. The experience that we gain by facing our challenge head on gives a greater understanding of that challenge. Once crossed, then a bridge can be built to move freely back and forward but with an understanding of the difficulties you would face crossing that river everyday without the bridge.

Everything I’m referring to is obviously metaphorical. The river I’m facing head on is my everyday life. I cant avoid the challenges that come my way completely I have to face them, but I dont have to face the same challenge every day. Once I understand the challenge, I can find ways to make it easier and to move over it instead of through it every day. That is why I firmly believe that in order to make your life easier you have to first do the work to build. Then once you have put in the effort to build your brigde, you can focus on other areas that need work, and you have more time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

There’s no point building a bridge that you will never use again. Too much work goes into it and sacrifices will have to be made. Build bridges only where you need them. When you dont need them, move away from that area and focus on building elsewhere.

I’m currently building the newest bridge for my life, the biggest one yet, the most important one I’ll ever build. This bridge will bypass all the other little bridges that I’ve built over time, You see I’ve grown in knowledge and I’ve found in myself the bridge of all bridges. I have to face the fact that there is an obstacle keeping me from pushing forward and I have to get over it. I am the obstacle, I am also the bridge that I have to build. So every day, I take the time to work on that obstacle just a little bit, and build the bridge little by little each a day so that I can move freely over it without fear, without pain without the possibility of drowning. My focus now is on my bridge. It’s on myself and I know that many are going to benefit from the bridge that I’m building, That is what pushes me to do this. Not only will I be helping myself, but others too.

I am the bridge that will get me over the obstacles I am faced with in my life. I am also the obstacle that I am faced with. I am not only the creator of my own pain but I am the solution to that pain as well. Everything stems from me, and flows through me. I just have to let it flow freely and keep building myself up with each bit of knowledge that comes my way. One moment at a time, one brick at a time, one challenge at a time.

It’s my choice really. Am I my own worst enemy or am I my best friend?

Love and light


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  1. Hi Tam! I love your podcast which is such a fine tuning of self-help approach, in that you give a lot of yourself in your own experiences. I cannot imagine Australia having bridges, but then I have never been there. I love your metaphorical use of bridges. Hope that your week is going well! Cheers! ~AOC

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    • Thank you so much AOC, this means so much! Australia has so many bridges… Sydney harbour bridge being my absolute favourite especially on New years eve. My week is amazing so far thank you. Keep bringing on the coffee!!! Hope you have a great week too.


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