Facing fear

Pushing a boundary isn’t something that is meant to be easy, but it’s definately something that’s necessary, depending on what boundaries you want to be pushing.

It’s human nature to push our limits. We do it on instict from birth. eagerly grasping onto every bit of new information and pushing ourselves to get it right no matter what. If we didnt push past what we know we would never accomplish anything. Babies wouldnt crawl, toddlers wouldnt learn how to walk or talk and kids wouldnt be able to read or write or even the simplest of things like braiding your hair. You didnt always know how to do it. you had to watch, learn, try, fail and keep trying and pushing until you got it right.

We stop pushing because we learn to fear. We learn to fear because the ones teaching us all things life have fear. We are not born with fear. It is taught.

It finally clicked. As I write this I think of all the times we have had to unlearn things because the world taught us to be a certain way. But, how do you unlearn fear? Once it is grilled in you, it really can’t possibly leave? Can it? Yes I know we can find courage to overcome fear. But, can we unlearn the fears that were put in us in the name of love. Fears that we were taught to keep us “safe”. It definatelty does keep you safe doesnt it? Safe from all the amazing adventures that life actually has to offer. Fear keeps us from living our truest and fullest potential. Fear has become my enemy. It has held me down for so many years and kept me from so many things. But most importantly, Fear has kept me from myself and from my dreams.Now that I see through it, through the facade, I know now that fear is pointless, it’s a tool used to stop us from pushing. A tool used to stop us from standing out and being brave and doing the right thing.

What is the point of fear anyway? It’s normally a fuss about something that hasn’t even happened yet and 9 times out of 10 it never really does happen. What is the point of playing life safe anyway? Where is the adventure in that ?

It’s time to break free of comfort zones and push ourselves towards the things that we fear the most. These are the things that are keeping us from success. Those are the things that are keeping us from true happiness. Those things that we are afraid of, but never really happen. Those things that create walls around us to protect ourselves from life… Life is not meant to be clean and tidy. It’s meant to be messy. It’s meant to be passionate. and fear just takes away that rawness of our animalistic instincts and puts us in a proverbial cage keeping us from becoming kings and queens of our own lives, of our own self made kingdoms.

My wish for you is to see fear for what it is. A figment of your imagination. It’s you creating a bad feeling about something that hasn’t even happened yet. It’s you stopping yourself from you.

It’s time to face your fears. Look them in the eye and let them know that you see them for the illusion that they are. Then, hold your head up high and forward march with courage through that illusion of fear and into the reality of life where dreams do come true, If you let them. if you trust them and if you believe they are real.

Love and light