Appreciation post

This post is specifically to express my utmost appreciation to everyone who has taken the time out to follow me and read my posts.

From my very first post until now, the transformation in me has been so significant that I am a completely different person now. I have grown in myself, I have grown with you and I will continue to find my way through the twists and turns of life and share them with you as I figure them out.

It’s funny though, how afraid I was to click on send for my very first post. I felt so vulnerable and afraid to be rejected that I didnt even try to advertise I just clicked send and cringed and hoped nobody saw it. Yet at the same time i secretly hoped someone did and I hoped that they would like it. I wasnt confident enough though, I did not know how to feel, I just knew I had to do it.

To my first followers, I appreciate you. you have been on this journey with me for 4 years now and have not stopped reading my work. you have been with me since post one and you still look for more.

To my latest followers, you have joined me at my second phase of finding my voice where my confidence in my writing stands tall and I have now dipped my toe into podcasting. You enter my space at my new phase of cringing at the new tool I am using to spread my messages, to share my voice and to tell my stories. Welcome to my blog family.

To everyone in between… you have recieved everything from the begginning to now and each one of you are so very special and important to each level of my growth. Your comments and your advice have been the driving force that kept pushing me through. Each email, every like and every comment. They all pushed me to stay here, to keep on pushing through and to keep me moving forward.

I am not here for numbers, I am not here to become a millionare. I am here to share myself, to shout from the deepest darkest corners to the hightest brightest mountains, everything that I have seen and heard and experienced. So you can see that anything is possible. Everything is possible. So you can see the transformation that happens to a person when they do the work on themselves to heal and to grow.

This platform is not me looking for anything more than what I already have. I have words inside of me that someone needs to hear and this is where I choose to share them. With all the love in my heart and all the light that I have found in the middle of my darkness. To show you how I climbed out of the deepest darkest pit and how giving up has never been an option because when I was at my weakest, it was my tribe that kept me strong. When I wanted to stop writing it was you who kept me going by sharing your stories and the inspiration you recieved by reading my stories.

So from me to you. THANK YOU. With everything that I am and everything that I have. I appreciate you.

Love and light