Feed your soul too

So many different things feed your soul and I have been making some improvements on getting mine full of just the right amount of nouroshment that it needs.

Soul food comes in the form of all the things that bring joy,and calm to your spirit, I’ve been going on about the quiet time that I have been indulging in and what an amazing affect it has had on the calming of my soul. the peace that has come from it is definately become rooted in me.

Well this weekend I decided a break was needed and I fed my soul with love, laughter and some dancing. Balance is always key, too much solitude can become damaging and too much partying too. So I came out of my place of solitude just for 1 weekend, to enjoy friends and just have a good session of great company and lots of laughter.

Today I return to my fasting and solitude for the last 2 weeks of lent, but my soul is happy because I made what I feel was the right choice to be with friends this weekend. I’m ready for the final stretch and I’m hoping to reach a deeper level of myself in these next 2 weeks.

I think what I’ve taken out of this is that every day you have a choice to make and whichever one you decide to make will take you on a path. Whether that path is a positive one or a negative one is entirely up to you and there’s always a chance to change direction and make different choices or take a different path if that one doesnt work for you. I also realise that your level of self worth and how much value you place on yourself will deternine the path you choose. When you have less value for you then your choices put others needs and happiness above yours, but if you take the time to put you first and learn to value yourself you will realise that loving from a place of value is much more wholesome to both yourself and the person or people you are sharing your love with. Loving from an empty cup only empties your cup more, you must be full of you before you can share you with others.

I choose me every day now, the days of choosing others over me is gone, because I realise that toxic relationships are only toxic because you allow the behaviour to continue, once you find value in yourself, there is no way you will allow another person to treat you badly and then blame you for their behaviour. The inner change that I’ve made has not only strengthened my friendships, but my relationship with my daughter as well. There is no room for emotional bullying in my life anymore, no matter where its coming from, because love does not hurt, so if theres pain it’s not love and you need to let it go.

Feed your soul with all the gifts life has to offer, fill it with love, laughter, peace and dancing. Dance until your feet hurt, laugh until your tummy aches but then rest and repeat.

Love and light




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